Success Story: Major European airline

For an airline that wants to expand business to and from Asia, APIs are the only way to go

A major European airline flies to over 70 destinations throughout the continent as well as Asia and North America. Asian routes present an opportunity for growth, but the rigid state of the company’s data infrastructure precludes the agility needed to expand traffic to the region. Corporate and IT officers know APIs hold the key and have even implemented some. They just haven’t found a way to adequately manage them. After showing a strong proof of concept, Axway stepped in with an API management solution that puts the airline on a trajectory to meet its traffic expansion goals while improving the overall customer experience.

Reimagining agility from the ground up with APIs

The company’s strategic objectives are specific. By 2020, the carrier wants to double its Asian traffic compared to 2010 levels. At the same time, it’s looking to further differentiate itself by achieving world-class operations that contribute to a unique experience for each and every customer. Realizing these goals means:

  • Replacing old static home-grown data solutions based on web portals and scripts
  • Virtualizing internal resources using a comprehensive API management system
  • Gaining complete control over data flow by implementing single-point entry to the internet whether services are old or new
  • Developing the agility to meet the new demands of a mobile world
  • Adopting and maintaining modern security standards, but in a way that supports the need for flexibility

There are other challenges. APIs that the company has implemented lack the centralized control and management needed to take advantage of their full potential. Plus, IT and DevOps teams haven’t been able to establish a standardized way to develop APIs. 

Going first class with Axway API solutions

To reach its goals, the airline’s primary need is to expose internal existing APIs to customers and partners. Developing new APIs and micro services for use internally and externally is a secondary objective. Whatever API management solution the company chooses has to do both.

Axway demonstrated how the Axway API Gateway, including API Management and API Analytics, can be used to easily connect the numerous systems in the airline’s digital ecosystem and provide visibility into – and control over – all data flows, internally and externally. By meeting the airline’s technical requirements and strict budgetary guidelines, Axway sealed the deal.

With total visibility and control over API development and usage, the airline is now able to: 

  • Integrate mobile and web services
  • Isolate internal services and create internal micro services
  • Connect to the Amadeus booking system, as well as the internal booking system
  • Gain flexibility on the web to offer seats, meals, check in, baggage check, and extras
  • Extend business beyond ticketing to include car rental, hotel booking, applicable tax exemptions, and direct point-earning programs

With Axway’s leadership and expertise in the API space, plus a comprehensive solution offering that can be tailored to the specific needs of a major air carrier, the company is on track to go wheels up on expanded flights to and from Asia by 2020 and make each passenger’s trip more accommodating and memorable. 


How can you expand business with APIs?