Success Story: Leading Mutual Life Insurance Company

Axway SecureTransport — protecting the customer, protecting the brand

  • Industry

  • Challenge

    Implement a versatile and scalable, managed file transfer solution to automate processes and safeguard customer information and company data

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Process automation reduces human error and generates substantial cost and time savings
    • Flexible, open architecture is extensible to meet evolving business needs
    • Encryption and multiple security layers protect company and customer data, and the company brand
    • Solution transparency means customers, employees and partners benefit from SecureTransport without even knowing it’s there

Using Axway SecureTransport to automate manual file transfer processes, the Company has increased its data throughput by 250%.

Brand integrity

Built on more than a century of trust

For over 100 years, this Company’s mission has been to provide financial security and peace of mind for its policyholders — both of which hinge on earning and maintaining customer trust. Every time customers communicate with the Company — whether it’s about a life insurance policy, an investment or a simple address change — they must trust that their private information will be secure.

As the Company continues to grow, there is an ever-increasing volume of information to move and protect. To maintain the valuable customer confidence they have built, the Company relies on a robust managed file transfer (MFT) solution — based on Axway MFT. Using Axway SecureTransport, every aspect of secure data exchange is seamlessly handled, and a new level of process automation improves service and dramatically reduces error rates.

Process automation

Faster transfers, lower costs, less risk

With hundreds of thousands of transmissions per month internally and externally, a lack of automation was hampering accuracy and speed of file transfer, adding unnecessary time and cost to the data retrieval process and introducing an unacceptable level of risk of human error and accidental data breach.

Using Axway SecureTransport to automate manual file transfer processes, the Company has increased its data throughput by 250 percent. For example:

  • Time-sensitive auditing of file receipts based on schedules, senders and business rules generates alerts if a file is in violation of a parameter.
  • File de-duplication stops duplicate files from going into the production cycle and routes them to a specified location for review.
  • Data verification ensures that each file contains the content types required for that file and generates an alert if the file is in violation of those parameters.

Prior to deploying Axway MFT, these critical processes occurred on the mainframe, and could take up to an hour per file. Now it takes just 60 seconds to run the same data checks, with a more streamlined process and a custom Web UI instead of archaic command line functions.


Creating efficiencies by doing more with less

The economic situation has forced businesses across all industries to tighten their belts, and doing more with less has become the norm. IT departments typically feel the squeeze in the form of heavier workloads and smaller teams.

For example, the Company built a tool to export all the certificates and standards an administrator creates, with upload directories, download directories and more. Another SecureTransport customization supports fast and easy disaster recovery. Servers in multiple data centers are load balanced, and if one goes down another is live right away. Prior to building the custom time-stamp feature, incoming transmissions headed to a down server would just remain in transit, undelivered. Having to locate and re-submit thousands of these files manually would have been so time-consuming that it simply wasn’t feasible, so they would have remained undelivered.


Embedding MFT in the enterprise is key

One of the keys to a successful MFT strategy is to embed the infrastructure at a level of transparency that makes it the fabric through which all essential data must travel. Axway SecureTransport is tied to all critical revenue-generating applications at the Company, such as AARP, long-term care, and the investment center. And yet, it is completely invisible to most users. If time-sensitive, critical files are not received by a certain time, SecureTransport automatically sends an alert and notifies the sender. This allows the Company to take the responsibility to stay ahead of the problem, so the partner doesn’t have to.


Encryption and multiple layers of protection

The Company receives approximately 5,000 data transmissions every day, consisting primarily of confidential medical information for life insurance transactions and up to-the-minute financial data used for annuity and mutual fund price quotes. Axway SecureTransport provides powerful data encryption, block lists and other security layers, including devices in the DMZ, to protect the data in motion and at rest.

Protecting the customer and the brand

With an MFT solution that hits a very high bar

Customers entrust their personal information and their financial security to this Company every day. And every day, the Company is committed to earning and maintaining that trust with secure, reliable and efficient business-critical data exchange.

With SecureTransport’s multiple layers of protection, the Company can ensure customers that their information is 100 percent secure. Automated processes improve accuracy, reduce costs, and increase speed. And, visibility into file movements means senders and receivers know when and where their critical data is going at all times.

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