Success Story: ING

Axway provides IT banking expertise and a proven managed file transfer solution

  • Headquarters

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    High business growth requires quick implementation of a stable, secure solution ensuring delivery of time-sensitive transactions; Heterogeneous infrastructure requires multi-OS solution, centralized control and assistance to test and support solution 24/7

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Reliable, structured managed file transfer
    • Improved service transparency and measurability
    • Solution stability and security means no downtime
    • Industry-standard solution and components
    • Cost reduction objectives achieved
    • IT banking quality policies and criteria met
    • A2A + B2B transactions managed for Belgium and Netherlands

“Axway’s products have proven to be reliable, stable, and secure. We cannot tolerate any instability or security risks.”

Best Practice for Managed, End-to-End File Transfer

ING is a global financial services company that provides banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services. It serves more than 85 million customers in Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Australia. ING is ranked 19th among the top financial institutions worldwide in terms of market value. ING’s Operations and IT Banking (OIB) department is comprised of a staff that numbers nearly 13,000. With a worldwide staff of over 130,000, ING is a very large organization with an impressive infrastructure. Like in any major financial institution, a great number of files need to be transferred. The technologies used for this are therefore a structural and important part of the IT architecture.


In the last several years as ING’s business and its number of file transfers grew, and its financial services environment became more complex, more structured managed services were required. ING called on Axway because of its proven IT banking expertise. “Proper management and implementation of projects needed to be introduced to ensure centralized control of file transfers on a multitude of platforms. Axway brought vast IT banking knowledge to the table, thanks to its long-standing experience within the financial industry,” stated Fred van den Hoek, Service Manager, Connectivity, OIB at ING.


ING’s teams in Belgium and the Netherlands have worked closely with Axway professional services to share their respective IT banking expertise. This close collaboration and knowledge transfer between the two companies have enabled ING to implement the most up-to-date industry best practices.

ING and Axway worked together to define a logical and physical architecture design (LPAD) to implement the Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution. This was done within the scope of incident, problem resolution, and escalation management. As an ongoing managed service, Axway designs and tests new flows for ING. Axway also provides some of the on-site management, support, and operation of the solution. “Any issues that come up are dealt with in a very professional, positive and proactive manner. Operations run smoothly and the relationships, as well as communication with Axway, are excellent,” said Fred van den Hoek.

The solution has become the standard platform for file transfer service within the Netherlands and Belgium. ING is currently looking at implementing Axway’s solution throughout ING Europe.

Continuous Stability and Security

Proven security and stability are the utmost priority for any large financial institution. “Axway’s products have proven to be reliable, stable, and secure. We cannot tolerate any instability or security risks,” said Fred van den Hoek.

Axway’s MFT solution undergoes enhancements, and new releases are fully tested and managed by Axway. The solution is looked at regularly from the standpoint of security and from an architectural point of view, in compliance with ING’s policies. Axway produces and delivers new releases for upgrades for ING’s heterogeneous operating systems that run on servers and mainframes.

ING utilizes all best-of-breed components offered by Axway MFT for encryption, auditing ability, performance metrics and monitoring for transparent, stateless, point-to-point transfers. File sizes and transactions vary greatly from small to very large, and an infinite number of file types can be implemented for many different applications.

“Axway provides a stable, reliable, and secure best practice solution for managed file transfer service,” stated Fred van den Hoek.

Axway has set and met standards for service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) for all its services provided to ING.

Service-Oriented IT

The Axway MFT solution enables operations to have more control, more transparency, and more manageability of file transfer services. The improved structure enhances the quality of service that is delivered within the organization. ING is a service-driven organization both externally with its customers and suppliers, and internally among employees.

ING partially outsources on-site management, support, and operation of the MFT solution to Axway. These services are based on Axway’s SLA and KPI metrics, and are documented for transparency and measurability. Outsourcing IT services to Axway has led to cost reductions through increased flexibility and optimizing the use of resources, as well as increased IT efficiency. Out tasking to Axway will also bring costs down for ING over time as the organization changes and moves toward new processes, and Axway’s structure supports the new ING service structure.

ING uses the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology. ING relies heavily on IT to offer a wide array of services to meet customer demands and internal requirements. “Axway’s services fit in with the implementation of ITIL 3 in ING’s ITSM-based organization,” stated Fred van den Hoek. “Axway adds value to any service oriented IT organization.”

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