Success Story: IHC Health Solutions

End-to-end visibility and reduced risk with Axway Managed File Transfer

  • Headquarters

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    • Needed a customizable, robust solution to handle thousands of file transfers daily, including dashboards, detailed reporting and the ability to view partner transactions through all stages of transfer
    • Compliance with HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory mandates
  • Solution

  • Results

    • Versatility of solution makes IHC more attractive as a third-party benefits administrator
    • Security capabilities reduce risk
    • Cost of fines from failure to comply with regulatory mandates eliminated
    • Features can be extended to partners and encryption can be enforced on their behalf

“The integration between SecureTransport and Sentinel was exactly what we needed to ensure daily management of our file transfer activity. This opens up a whole new world in terms of reporting and allows us to configure the dashboards to our specific needs.”

About IHC

IHC Health Solutions (IHC), a benefits management solutions company and subsidiary of Independence Holding Company, has been in business since 1978. IHC is a leading administration and marketing organization offering major medical, dental and vision insurance, group life plans and more. IHC has over 340 employees dedicated to third-party insurance administration and marketing, and despite constant market fluctuations, enjoys consistent growth and success.

The company relies on secure communication with clients and partners over the Internet to conduct business. Customers utilize the IHC Web site to submit forms and applications and connect to their insurance companies. In addition, IHC pays and processes claims for the various insurance companies. This adds up to thousands of EDI transfers through the IHC system throughout the day and night.

File Transfer, Technology and Compliance Challenges

As a third-party administrator, IHC faces compliance demands from many organizations. In addition to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Sarbanes- Oxley (SOX), they must also comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, due to processing of credit card payments. To avoid hefty fines for non-compliance, IHC must consistently have proof of compliance with all of these and other measures.

For IHC, secure, reliable, manageable, visible communications are business-critical.

IHC was becoming more and more limited by its file transfer capabilities. There was no support or maintenance on their homegrown solution, so any issues had to be addressed in-house. The old solution was also increasingly unable to communicate with other technologies, such as new types of encryption and new applications.

The Need for a New Solution

IHC shopped many solutions before choosing Axway. Their requirements were specific — they needed a new solution that would allow them to customize and adapt to new technology being used by their customers and partners. It was necessary for this solution to handle thousands of transfers daily, with capability for much more as the company grows. It also needed to be customizable to suit their specifications and specific partner needs.

Visibility is critical to IHC for its file transfer solution. Unfortunately, with its previous solution the only way employees knew that a file transfer had failed was if the recipient or sender made them aware of the failure. To IHC, this was unacceptable. The criticality and sensitivity of healthcare documents being transferred requires IHC to have visibility of file transfers from end-to-end. Relationships with their customers and partners depend on it.

Two Solutions Become IHC’s Resolution

IHC chose Axway SecureTransport and Axway Sentinel for its managed file transfer solution. SecureTransport is one of the most secure file transfer solutions on the market today. It is trusted by companies all over the world and across all industries for its superior encryption, file transfer and file management capabilities. For IHC, SecureTransport is an enterprise-class management and transfer solution for critical files, large documents, and XML and EDI transmissions, internally and externally. SecureTransport allows IHC to send files on behalf of their partners and for their customers. The capabilities of SecureTransport allow for the onboarding of any partner, and the business of any customer to be added to the IHC community. SecureTransport is customizable so that IHC is prepared for technology updates and future industry demands.

“The integration between SecureTransport and Sentinel was exactly what we needed to ensure daily management of our file transfer activity,” said Ruben Ramirez, director of information technology at IHC. “This opens up a whole new world in terms of reporting and allows us to configure the dashboards to our specific needs.”

Sentinel is Axway’s activity monitoring solution, which provides end-to-end visibility into business transactions. With Sentinel, IHC can monitor file transfers to and from customers and partners, with comprehensive dashboarding and reporting. Sentinel provides the control IHC needs to assure customers and partners that their information is protected. With Sentinel, IHC can also accurately report to government and other agencies for compliance mandates.

Benefits of the Axway Solution

The Axway solution has added attractive features to IHC as a third-party benefits administrator. The thousands of files sent daily through IHC, and to and from IHC to healthcare providers and customers, are guaranteed secure. SecureTransport makes it easy to send and receive files in practically any protocol, which makes adding partners easier for IHC. Since SecureTransport and Sentinel are customizable, IHC is prepared for upcoming business changes and new technology.

Dashboarding and reporting capabilities of the Axway solution provide IHC with endto- end visibility of business transactions, giving them greater knowledge and control. IHC is also better equipped to meet mandates like HIPAA, SOX and PCI compliance.

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