Success Story: Hammarplast

Axway B2Bi provides fast on-boarding, increases visibility

  • Headquarters

  • Industry

  • Challenge

    • Unable to view and act on B2B transaction issues due to lack of visibility
    • On-boarding new partners required costly outside resources
  • Solution

  • Results

    • Pre-configured interfaces make onboarding of new partners faster and easier
    • Scalable solution that can grow with the company
    • Monitoring and alerting capabilities provide end-to-end visibility into all B2B transactions
    • Smooth and quick migration from AMTrix to Axway B2Bi, with no disruption of workflow
    • Axway B2Bi fits well across customer sizes and IT topologies

“Axway B2Bi enables us to on-board new partners quickly and easily, and meet our goal of 100% customer satisfaction.”

A family-owned business founded in Sweden in 1947, Hammarplast is comprised of two independent plastics processing companies, Hammarplast Consumer AB and Hammarplast Medical AB. Hammarplast Consumer has 150 employees and annual revenue of approximately SEK 300 million (USD $40.7M). The consumer division manufactures plastic products for storage, household and garden, which are sold by wholesalers for Hammarplast in the Nordic countries. In the rest of Europe, Hammarplast works directly with thousands of major customers, agents and distributors. Hammarplast is represented in the North American market through an associate company, Snapware, which has revenue of approximately SEK 309 million annually (USD $42M). Although Scandinavia is Hammarplast’s primary market, it also serves as a strong platform for expansion into the rest of Europe.

A Strategy for Business Growth

For many years, Hammarplast Consumer successfully used AMTrix for EDI communications with its partners in Sweden and Denmark. As its consumer business continued to  expand, however, Hammarplast required increased scalability and a more user-friendly environment for fast on-boarding of new partners — including an ever-growing number of large trading partners in Finland, Norway, North America and Europe. Hammarplast’s current strategy for growth is to form these new partnerships, and then expedite them through automated, simplified data exchanges for orders, credit notes, invoices and acknowledgements. Having reached the limit of what AMTrix could support, Hammarplast needed a new solution for B2B exchanges.

Hammarplast initially decided to upgrade to a more recent version of AMTrix in order to meet these new business objectives; but it quickly became apparent that there was a compatibility issue between the new version of AMTrix and Hammarplast’s existing GUI client. Hammarplast decided to evaluate Axway B2Bi, as well as three other vendors, as possible replacement solutions.

“We already had some knowledge of Axway B2Bi, but we wanted to see what the other vendors could offer. The solutions we evaluated were much too complex and expensive compared with the Axway solution,” said Tina Guldstrand, IT Manager at Hammarplast. “With Axway, we really felt we were getting more for our money. At the same time, the migration would not be too costly, and finally, Axway B2Bi is a product that fits nicely into our organization.”

An Axway partner completed the migration from AMTrix to Axway B2Bi in just one week. “The migration was very quick. We set up a new server for B2Bi on Windows. We’ve been in production with B2Bi for about one month and it’s performing very well,” said Guldstrand.

Hammarplast is also benefiting from Axway B2Bi’s end-to-end visibility. “We are really satisfied with the monitoring and alerting capabilities. It’s clear and easy to understand. We didn’t have this feature in the past, and it really makes a difference,” said Guldstrand.

“We really needed a tool that we could use independently. With Axway B2Bi, we have increased our ability to meet our customers’ EDI requirements 100 percent.”

Leveraging Flexibility and Independence

It is critical to Hammarplast’s growth strategy that they be able to meet customer requirements without outside help. “Previously, we had to use external consultants every time we needed to integrate a new partner into our system. In the long term, it would have been costly to support our growth in this way.”

Guldstrand continued, “We really needed a tool that we could use independently. With Axway B2Bi, we have increased our ability to meet our customers’ EDI requirements 100 percent. Axway B2Bi is user-friendly and intuitive, and it is the right tool to support our development and expansion. From a relationship point of view, it already takes a long time to set up new commercial partnerships. If it then also takes a long time to set up the technical side, we are not doing our job correctly. Axway B2Bi enables us to on-board new partners quickly and easily, and meet our goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction.”

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