Success Story: GETRAG

Automotive manufacturer reduces costs with Axway MailGate

  • Headquarters

    Untergruppenbach, Germany
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    Implement a comprehensive email solution with full inbound threat protection across Europe and the U.S. in a very short timeframe

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Reduced administration costs due to faster, easier troubleshooting and message tracking

    • MailGate was up and running across two continents on time and in full, with no special training required

    • 90% of unwanted email traffic is now eliminated before it penetrates the corporate email infrastructure

    • Efficient and highly professional Axway support

    • High availability due to cluster implementation across two continents

“The MailGate system itself is much easier to administer and to use and troubleshooting is so much quicker. Now that we have MailGate, nobody wants any other system, and all users are completely satisfied.”

Founded in 1935 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, GETRAG is the largest independent manufacturer of transmissions in the world, and a major automobile industry systems supplier & integration partner for transmission and drivetrain systems. Today, GETRAG delivers an annual volume of more than 3 million transmissions and 1 million axles to automotive OEMs worldwide. With 24 product development centers and production facilities globally, the GETRAG Corporate Group is represented in Europe, Asia and North America with 12,725 employees, and annual sales of nearly 2 billion Euros.

Comprehensive Email Security

In 2007, GETRAG implemented an antispam and antivirus solution to identify and block excessive amounts of spam that were directly impacting employee productivity. GETRAG was satisfied with the product they chose and they had no desire to move to a new solution. However, they encountered a licence issue with their vendor, and they decided to look at other offers. Any new solution would have to offer the same enduser features, however, or GETRAG would need approval from its worker’s council; so a comprehensive and full-featured email solution was imperative.

Already partnering with GETRAG on a B2B project, an Axway Account Manager requested the opportunity to provide GETRAG with an Axway MailGate quote for its new email security system. “Axway was the only company that took all of our specifications into account,” said Ralf Buick, Project Leader, Email Communication Systems at GETRAG. “Axway’s proposal was excellent and extremely professional compared to its competitors.”

Axway was also the only partner that could ensure delivery and service in both Europe and North America — no other vendor could offer a service agreement on both continents. “It was evident that Axway MailGate offered the features we required, and in addition, Axway offered worldwide enhanced service. Once we compared the offers available on the market, and the service agreements, the choice was easy,” stated Buick.

Fast Implementation across Two Continents

GETRAG required a fault tolerant global cluster configuration, with one appliance in Germany and another appliance in North America. Both systems are configured to handle all email traffic for Germany, the Slovak Republic, and Italy, as well as several locations in North America and Mexico. All locations are connected to the centralized mail system in Germany, which serves close to 3,500 users receiving a total of 8,000-10,000 incoming legitimate emails per day. In the case of system failure, email would be automatically redirected to the North American appliance.

Adding to the complexity, GETRAG needed its new solution installed, operational, and fully supported before its license with the previous vendor expired. This required full, simultaneous implementation across North America and Europe within a onemonth timeframe. “Axway was the only supplier who could commit to the required time frame,” stated Buick. “All the other suppliers said it would take eight to ten weeks.”

Simple, Powerful and Centralized Email Security Management

With GETRAG’s previous solution, message tracking required a huge amount of work. With Axway MailGate, it now takes the GETRAG team only a few seconds to locate a message, since the data is pulled directly from the MailGate database. “The MailGate system itself is much easier to administer and to use,” said Buick, “and troubleshooting is so much quicker. Now that we have MailGate, nobody wants any other system, and all users are completely satisfied.”

GETRAG now benefits from MailGate’s intuitive user-administration features, including dashboard controls for email security functions, real-time automated reporting and message tracking, and centralized management for multiple geographically dispersed appliances. Buick continued, “We simply check the system every day, and that procedure takes from two to five minutes. This means we save an enormous amount of time, and therefore benefit from lower administration costs.”

MailGate is so simple to run and to administer that with the help of Axway technical support, GETRAG quickly trained itself on the system. “The system is really logical — if you are looking for something it is always very easy to find. As for the technical support, I must say it is one of the best I have ever encountered in my 17 years of IT experience,” stated Buick.

Improved Spam Capture Rates

Using MailGate’s powerful antispam capabilities eliminates close to 90 percent of unwanted email traffic before it can penetrate the corporate email infrastructure. In addition, MailGate’s IP reputation system works better than the previous solution, so fewer spam get through to the users’ spam folders. “With our previous solution, some users received as many as 300 spam emails per day. Now only a few spam emails get through to the spam folder, so it is much more manageable for our users,” Buick concluded.

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