Success Story: French Law Association for Electronic Communication (ADEC)

The verdict is in for serving France’s bailiffs with a new solution to govern transactions

  • Headquarters

    Paris, France
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    ADEC needed to boost capacity, ensure reliability, control costs, and improve security in its role as intermediary for all electronic communications between France’s bailiffs and its financial and governmental partners

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Increased capacity to absorb a higher volume of transactions
    • Greater autonomy, achieved by internalizing the software and personnel needed for its core business activity
    • Improved cost-effectiveness, by eliminating the need for managed services
    • Improved reliability, stability, and security, through comprehensive monitoring of system processes

Boosting capacity and reliability

Rationalizing the system

Given its vital role in the French legal system, ADEC requires 24/7 availability for its communications system. Its service provider, however, was unable to handle the volume of transactions involved, and system crashes were a frequent occurrence.

“The system was simply not powerful enough to handle the data flow,” said Charles Baixeras, IT Manager for ADEC.

“There was an issue of reliability because of system overload,” said Baixeras. “And that posed a major financial risk for us and the bailiffs. We handle very large sums of money, and may face penalties for non-performance.”

Moreover, ADEC was concerned about its dependence on a third-party provider. “It’s dangerous for us to rely on a third party as it creates an issue for our work with the government, which requires data confidentiality,” said Baixeras.

When its service provider announced plans to impose massive fees for managed services, ADEC knew it needed a new solution — and fast. “We wanted to rationalize our system and eliminate the third-party provider,” said Baixeras.

Selecting the Axway solution

Providing close support

ADEC issued an RFP to find a new solution, examined various alternatives, and selected Axway B2Bi. “We chose Axway because we know the company, and know its products are solid,” said Baixeras. “We already have Axway solutions on site, and they work quite well. For us, Axway was the logical choice.”

To integrate the new solution, Axway created a framework to accommodate the particularities of the ADEC environment. “Axway support was very involved, helping us install and stabilize the solution,” said Baixeras. “We had weekly conference calls with the support team to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.”

Executing instructions from the courts

A key player in the French legal system, ADEC¹ works for the nation’s bailiffs, handling collection of debt, payment of creditors and other legal actions as ordered by the relevant authorities. To carry out these functions, it acts as an intermediary for the communication of financial and nonfinancial data between France’s bailiffs and its network of partners, including financial institutions and government authorities. 

¹Association Droit Electronique et Communication 

An ecosystem of public and private partners

Enabling communications for France’s bailiffs

Working exclusively for France’s bailiffs, ADEC establishes partnerships with public and private entities, including:

  • Financial institutions, such as banks and credit agencies
  • Government ministries, including Finance, Justice, Labor, Internal Revenue, and Interior
  • Government agencies responsible for health insurance (Sécurité Sociale) and unemployment benefits (Pôle Emploi)
  • Private companies, particularly financial firms

“ADEC is the intermediary for communications between bailiffs and their partners,” said Baixeras. “We enable financial flows and the exchange of nonfinancial data.” ADEC and its partners send these data over VPNs and intranets, via real-time and batch transmissions.

Axway at the heart of the business

Automating the flow of data

Based on Axway B2Bi and Sentinel, the Axway solution automates all transmissions between ADEC and its partners, enabling ADEC to:

  • Retrieve claim files from creditors and send them to the French courts
  • Transmit judicial documents
  • Transfer funds to pay debts
  • Close files when claims have been settled

In operation at ADEC for two years now, the Axway platform handles:

  • 1,500,000 transactions per month
  • Communications for ADEC’s 3,000 bailiffs and 110 partners
  • Several tens of millions of euros per month in funds transfers

“Axway is at the core of ADEC,” said Baixeras. “It is literally the lifeblood of our business. All our other tools are developed around the Axway solution.”

Governing the flow of data

Monitoring key system parameters

ADEC uses Sentinel to monitor and govern the flow of data. Current controls include:

  • Input and output controls on all data flows transiting the system, to monitor activity
  • Statistics on transfer times and processing times, to ensure there are no issues with the machines
  • Monitoring of many system parameters (e.g., memory, machine processors, etc.) to avoid a system overload

Baixeras is confident of the stability and capacity of the Axway solution. “With Axway, we’ve had no problems of system overload,” he said. “On the contrary, we can now absorb a significant increase in data flows.”  

Benefits of the Axway solution

Increased capacity and greater autonomy

“We’ve seen benefits in several areas that are crucial for our business,” said Baixeras.

These include:

  • Increased capacity. The main benefit from the Axway solution, according to Baixeras, is an improved capacity to absorb a higher volume of transactions.
  • Greater autonomy. By migrating to Axway B2Bi, ADEC has internalized both the software and personnel needed for its core business. “We’re no longer slaves to a third party,” said Baixeras.
  • Improved cost-effectiveness. By eliminating the need for managed services, ADEC has reduced its operating expenses.
  • Improved reliability, stability and security. The Axway solution has proven to be highly reliable in its two years of operation, with Sentinel providing end-to-end monitoring of all vital activities.
  • Greater homogeneity. ADEC’s old mapping system was Windows-based, while all its other systems run under Linux. With the Axway solution running Linux, the entire ADEC IT environment now has a single operating system.

“Axway is at the core of ADEC. It is literally the lifeblood of our business.”

Charles Baixeras, IT Manager, ADEC    


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