Success Story: FM Logistics Integrator

Improved customer communications and market position in Brazil through integration, security and management of data

  • Headquarters

    Phalsbourg, France
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    Required an integration and B2B communications solution, plus end-to-end visibility to control and manage distribution systems and inventory

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Customer on-boarding time reduced from 15 to 3 days
    • Able to integrate with customer systems and applications with automatic data transformation and routing
    • Gained end-to-end visibility, monitoring and reporting of critical data exchanges
    • Able to handle large volumes of complex information exchange
    • Boost in B2B technology has differentiated the company in the Brazilian marketplace

 “The decision to choose Axway products and services was made because of its solutions quality and security, flexibility, customized system, and trust in its products and the support team in Brazil.”

The Latest Technology and Breadth of Services

A supply chain solutions leader in Brazil

International logistics contractor FM Logistic manages and delivers packaging and distribution services, providing global supply chain optimization for industrial companies and distributors. FM Logistic’s customer base spans multiple industries.

FM Logistic started its business in Brazil by acquiring a company that has offered management and operational systems for supply chain logistics for more than 15 years. The former McLane Brazil, now FM Logistic Brazil, utilizes the latest technology to present a broad inventory of services to its ever-growing customer community.

For FM Logistic and its customers in the Brazilian market, information exchange is crucial — from inventory updates, to accurate tracking of merchandise en-route, to tight billing controls and more. The information must be secure, accurate and accessible. In addition, FM Logistic has to continuously meet its servicelevel agreements (SLAs) and avoid any contract breaches that might jeopardize relationships with customers and partners.

FM Logistic Brazil list of customers includes some of the top companies in the region. “Our clients move a tremendous volume of merchandise which has to be distributed with precision and punctuality throughout Brazil.” said André Grizotto, Technical Support Coordinator, FM Logistic Brazil. “It was vital that we find a reliable and trusted technology partner that could meet our needs now and into the future.”

The Search

For integration, security and management of distribution systems

The company required a secure integration solution that could automatically route and transform files. They needed end-to-end visibility of B2B exchanges to control and manage distribution systems and inventory, and to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction — which is FM Logistic Brazil’s number one priority.

At the same time, the support team in Brazil was challenged with maintaining accurate data flow, but they did not have the necessary technology. They needed a system that could provide:

  • File transfer accuracy and data loss prevention
  • ƒƒProof of delivery
  • ƒƒComprehensive monitoring and alerting
  • ƒƒData transfer agility
  • ƒƒFast problem solving capability

There was also the need for an efficient B2B communication system that could handle large volumes and complexities of customer data including delivery routing, stock management, invoicing, transportation and delivery, and more.

To support many customers from several different industries, the company needed a single, complete application integration tool for heterogeneous environments. In addition, to avoid unnecessary risks it is highly important for the company to have proactive system monitoring, for file transfer and for internal and external integration with customers and partners.

The Choice

Axway meets every need

Axway was able to meet all of the company’s requirements for file transfer, B2B communication, governance and tracking, with easy implementation, customer on-boarding and process automation.

On-boarding, Integration, Monitoring and More

Increased control, management, and customer service capability

With Axway’s high-performance, highly scalable B2B gateway designed for real-time communication, FM Logistic Brazil is now able to connect to its customers in a secure, reliable way for more than 5,000 data transfers per day.

The company was also able to reduce average customer on-boarding times from 15 to just three days, creating valuable savings in time and resources. Fast on-boarding is also a great selling point for FM Logistic Brazil when closing new deals.

FM Logistic Brazil chose Axway Integrator for automatic data process transformation, format conversion and layout changes for content generated by the company and its customers, including databases, applications, web applications (XML), ERP, CRM and more.

With Axway, FM Logistic Brazil’s support team is now able to monitor all data transfers with customers and partners, end-to-end, regardless of the platform or point of origin – complete with data receipt, confirmation and document validation. Axway Sentinel provides technical quantity reports and business analyses, which enable FM Logistic Brazil to see demand and determine business potential for each customer. This information is shared with strategic areas across the company, while ensuring that customers’ information is private and secure.

Better Communication with Customers

Improving market position

Along with its new customer communication platform that has improved the organization’s ability to integrate with customers, monitor communications and maintain high levels of customer service, FM Logistic has gained competitive differentiation in the Brazilian supply chain market.

“The decision to choose Axway products and services was made because of its solutions quality and security, but also because of its flexibility, customized system and trust in its products and support team in Brazil,” said Grizotto.

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