Success Story: FM Logistics B2Bi

Stability, scalability, security and efficiency with Axway B2Bi

  • Headquarters

    Phalsbourg, France
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    • Ever-increasing volumes of EDI messages that required a more scalable solution
    • Increased need for performance and stability, competitive real-time messaging, visibility and monitoring capabilities
  • Solution

  • Results

    • Increased competitive edge through a fully scalable modern architecture
    • ƒƒAbility to leverage AMTrix-specific mappings and development efforts using Axway B2Bi tools
    • Increased overall B2Bi stability and performance
    • Enhanced security for large file transfers
    • Highly efficient technical support and knowledge transfer provided by Axway

“We found other vendors’ solutions were either strong in EDI, or strong in EAI, but no other vendor offered a fully-combined and integrated solution to meet our needs for both. Axway’s solution was really a good value; we simply got more functionality for our money.”

A Major Player in Supply Chain Optimization

International logistics contractor FM Logistic manages and delivers packaging and distribution services, providing Global Supply Chain optimization for industrial companiesand distributors. FM Logistic’s customer base spans multiple industries, including thefood industry, personal and home care, hi-tech, consumer goods, and several retail giants.

With over 12,000 employees and annual revenues of 639 million Euros, FM Logistic deploys more than 2,000,000 m2 of warehouse space and a fleet of 800 vehicles. The company prepares 1.8 million packages daily using 200 packaging lines, packaging a total of 2.5 million batches each day.

FM Logistic also includes high performance engineering activities, such as NG Concept, specialists in the design and construction of buildings; and subsidiary FM2i, specializing in design and execution of innovative logistics solutions for optimizing Supply Chain Execution and Management between manufacturers and distributors.

Cutting-edge technology provides a competitive advantage in the logistics business. As FM Logistic expands its international footprint and adds new partners and customers, the ability to support an increase in the volume of EDI messages and the integration of new applications has become critical to its continuing success.

The Need for Real-Time Messaging and Scalability

Today, FM Logistic runs operations through its 50 logistics platforms across Europeand Asia, and exchanges 400,000 files per month with 130 partners and customers. FM Logistic has been using AMTrix as its EDI solution since 1999; but as the company continued to grow, their AMTrix solution began to reach its limits in terms of scalability. In addition, FM Logistic needed robust real-time EDI messaging capabilities.

A Complete B2Bi Solution Comparison

FM Logistic was very satisfied with AMTrix, but wanted to increase scalability and replace “home-grown” enhancements that had been added to its EDI solution over the years. After conducting an in-depth market study of 15 major EAI/EDI vendors, FM Logistic selected Axway B2Bi as its preferred solution. “First of all, Axway has expertise with both AMTrix and Axway Integrator (now Axway B2Bi), as well as migration tools that enable us to leverage the developments we have done within the AMTrix environment,” said Remi Renaudin, EDI/EAI Team Manager at FM Logistic. “This means we will be able to recover the majority of the 700 mappings for 2300 different types of information flows running on AMTrix — probably over 90% — without having to redevelop them. This translates to an enormous savings over time. In addition, Axway’s B2Bi solution was richer in functionalities. We found that the other vendors’ solutions were either strong in EDI, or strong in EAI, but no other vendor offered a fully-combined and integrated solution to meet our needs for both EDI and EAI. Axway’s solution clearly had more of the EDI functionalities that we required. Finally, Axway’s solution was really a good value; we simply got more functionality for our money.”

Secure File Transfer and Centralized Monitoring

FM Logistic’s IT infrastructure is decentralized across more than 15 countries, and operations are run by 50 logistics platforms throughout Europe and Asia. FM Logistic needs to be able to transfer large files securely to all of these locations, and centrally administer and monitor its distributed data-transport architecture. Axway B2Bi Solutions meets all of these needs. “From our point of view, Axway B2Bi brings greatly enhanced security. This is another benefit we have gained in migrating to the B2Bi solution,” said Renaudin. In addition, FM Logistic had developed an AMTrix-specific monitoring application, which they plan to migrate to Axway B2Bi in the future.

A Partnership for Migration and Beyond

“When you’ve been working with the same technology for many years, it is clear that a personal investment of time is required to learn all of the ins and outs of a new product. Axway B2Bi is a rich product in terms of functionality, but rich can also mean there is a considerable effort to be made on our part. Maintaining the old system while simultaneously migrating to the new system increases the team’s workload,” said Renaudin. The EDI/EAI team at FM Logistic works closely with Axway, and each party brings valuable expertise to the migration project. FM Logistic has taken the tool on board, designed the global architecture, installed the components, and designed the developments for message flows. This is where the partnership between FM Logistic and Axway is so important. “Axway’s assistance has been invaluable as the migration is ongoing, and the quality of the support has been one of the most positive aspects of the project. This migration represents a central and strategic project for FM Logistic, and we will continue to work closely with Axway to share knowledge, and also gain more experience with the Axway B2Bi environment,” Renaudin concluded.

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