Success Story: Experian

Aiming for excellence in file transfer security and visibility

  • Headquarters

    Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
  • Industry

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Full system ownership and accountability
    • Lower TCO
    • Consistent security policy management
    • Scalable system to support new growth requirements

    Company Profile

    • Leading global information services company
    • Helps millions of consumers and businesses globally manage risk, prevent fraud, and automate credit decision making
    • $4.8B in global revenue
    • Listed on London Stock Exchange (EXPN)

Experian MFT ‘Center of Excellence’


The company was faced with many challenges with their file transfer infrastructure related to disparate systems and operational teams. This resulted in a high total cost of ownership, inconsistent security policies, lack of file-transfer visibility, SLA compliance issues, and inflexibility to support new growth objectives. Overall, this disparity meant there was no single file-transfer system ownership or accountability. 


To address these challenges, Experian established an enterprise standard for file transfer application for each region, based on Axway SecureTransport. This MFT “Center of Excellence” (COE):

  • Provides a shared service for the enterprise
  • Institutes a single process to support global clients and business units
  • Delivers automation to support the increasing demand and growth of the business 


Highlights of the Global MFT Center of Excellence include:

  • Global security, control and governance of file transfers
  • Each region will have its own Enterprise Standard file transfer application (hub)
  • File transfer in each region will communicate to other hubs via the Global MFT Backbone
  • Regional file transfer teams will handle the local traffic for that region 


Experian’s global MFT Center of Excellence benefits the organization by:

  • Establishing ownership and accountability
  • Reducing licensing, hardware and operational costs through a centralized file transfer system
  • Ensuring consistent security processes and SLA compliance
  • Easing audit-ability, file tracking status checking and performance metrics and monitoring
  • Positioning Experian to support new growth objectives

“ A global MFT COE requires a clear vision, process standardization and strong vendor relationship.”
– Tammy Prahl, Experian 


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