Success Story: Dartford Borough Council

Axway MailGate proves a stable, reliable email security solution

  • Headquarters

    Dartford, Kent, England
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    Deploy email filter that eliminates spam before it enters the network, and ensure that viruses are detected and quarantined at the gateway

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Employees no longer spend valuable work time dealing with spam ƒƒ
    • IT able to focus on other projects without spam infiltration ƒƒ
    • VMware solution is easy to deploy and use ƒƒ
    • IT able to eliminate servers and an outdated MailGate appliance

“We put a great deal of importance on the security and stability of MailGate. We really can’t function without it.”

Dartford BC

The Dartford Borough Council (Dartford BC) is responsible for local planning, housing and environmental health, refuse collection, enforcement, electoral registration, parking services and cemeteries in the borough of Dartford in northwest Kent, England. The council members collectively create the framework and future development of Council services for the public.

Dartford is at the heart of a key growth zone in England, located on the borders of Kent, London and Essex. Plans for growth include 20,000 new homes and 50,000 new jobs in the Borough in the next 25 years, which is a substantial increase from its 80,000 current residents. A vision of Dartford BC is that Dartford be “the place of choice for living, working and enjoying leisure time.” It accomplishes its goals through a focus on physical development, as well as a commitment to making a difference in the lives of residents. Dartford has a long history of innovation, invention and inspiration and continues to build on this foundation.

A Slew of Spam

Prior to the MailGate solution, the Dartford BC was battling a spam problem — employees were spending countless hours managing their inboxes, IT personnel were having to direct administration time to the problem, and at the same time the server was getting bogged down with deleted emails. The Dartford BC needed a solution to eliminate unsolicited email before it penetrated their email infrastructure.

A Simple Solution

The Dartford BC originally purchased the Axway MailGate appliance after a trial of several other solutions. MailGate was the easiest, most effective solution tested. “MailGate is easy to manage and easy to install,” said David Munday, Network System Controller, Dartford BC. “Usually either the users or management is shortchanged when it comes to email solutions. In the case of MailGate, everyone is happy.” In fact, the MailGate solution eliminates most unwanted email without anyone — IT or users — ever seeing it, and does so with a 98-99 percent rate of positivity.

The Dartford BC reaps continual benefits from MailGate. All employees in the main office and five satellite offices spend less time managing their email boxes. IT staff is able to focus on other projects, while MailGate does the content filtering, spam elimination, and protects against viruses.

Recently, with the release of MailGate’s latest version, Dartford BC chose to upgrade their MailGate appliance. Another evaluation was conducted, and MailGate was once again chosen for its features, ease-of-use and reliability. The Dartford BC IT department was also challenged with eliminating servers and appliances from inventory, so this time, the new VMware version of MailGate was deployed.

Dartford BC was the first British organization to move to the VMware MailGate offering. The new solution was up and running in an hour, as was a second deployment for replication for their disaster recovery plan. Axway’s rigorous, thorough testing of its software and methods of deployment ensured a quick, trouble-free installation for Dartford BC. “We put a great deal of importance on the security and stability of MailGate. We really can’t function without it,” said Munday.

More On Axway MailGate

MailGate’s flexible design allows you to select whatever types of protection your organization needs, and then easily add other modules later on as your security needs change. In addition to its anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities, MailGate provides data loss prevention through email and attachment content filtering. It can look into the context of an email, so that keyword filtration is not the only basis for message quarantine. In addition to quarantine, MailGate enables you to automatically return, drop, annotate, add disclaimers, modify headers or tag messages for future analysis. All of this is run with total control and an easy-to-use management console.

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