Success Story: Bolloré Logistics

  • Headquarters

    Puteaux, France
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    Ensure reliable data transport, data integrity and interoperability between systems to support the business in a period of strong growth.

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Robust and reliable file and data transfer ƒƒ
    • Flexibility for multiple modes of data exchange across global sites ƒƒ
    • Quick and efficient on-boarding of partners and customers in heterogeneous environments ƒƒ
    • Interoperability between diverse information systems ƒƒ
    • Support for all business functions ƒƒ
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction ƒƒ
    • Support for interactive EAI to trigger customer invoicing applications

“There are a lot of critical data flows in our business. We know we can count on Axway Managed File Transfer solutions to get the job done.” 


Strong Growth and International Expansion

An increasing global footprint

Bolloré Logistics, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, is one of five leading transport and logistics organizations in Europe. With presence on five continents, Bolloré Logistics employs a staff of nearly 10,000 across 93 countries and 540 agencies. 

The Bolloré Group is continuing international expansion and strong growth in the transport and logistics market through targeted acquisitions. Over the last seven years, Bolloré has acquired logistics and transportation companies in the UK, India, South Africa, America and Australia. Bolloré has also opened new agencies in Dubai, China and Europe. 

The Bolloré Group is comprised of over 300 companies that employ a staff of more than 34,000 worldwide, with commercial representation in 110 countries. In 2011, the Group’s annual sales exceeded €8 billion.

“Axway Transfer is very robust. It provides the reliability and flexibility we need to support multiple modes of data exchange across multiple sites.”


Expedient Transportation of Merchandise

Requires expedient transportation of data

For both internal and external data flows, Bolloré Logistics conducts its business by ensuring effective data transport, data integrity and interoperability between information systems. More than 30,000 internal and external messages are exchanged daily to support the business. Axway Transfer was chosen in 1999 by IT management at Bolloré Logistics.

Emeric de Saint Roman, Infrastructure Director, Central IT Management at Bolloré Logistics explained why Axway Transfer was selected. “With customers, partners and colleagues located globally, we are operating in a very heterogeneous environment. The interoperability between systems, the multiplicity of protocols, and the reliability of data transfers are all crucial to our business. Axway Transfer is very robust. It provides the reliability and flexibility we need to support multiple modes of data exchange across multiple sites. All of the departments in our company use Axway Transfer — our TMS (Transport Management System) in charge of operations, our WMS (Wharehouse Management System), our track-and-trace system which provides merchandise shipment status for our customers, and all of our accounting systems are interfaced to Axway Transfer. Also, our Business Intelligence, the Human Resources Department and payroll at the Holding company are all using the solution. Every functional requirement in our business is supported by the use of Axway Transfer.”

Critical Data Flows

Keep business running smoothly

In addition to more than 90 instances of Axway Transfer, Bolloré also uses Axway Gateway for data transfers externally with customers and partners. Philippe Dehainault, EAI Manager at Bolloré Logistics said, “We chose Axway Gateway in 2008 in the context of our growing number of external customers and partners. We needed to be able to quickly adapt to our customers’ different protocols, and Axway Gateway is the right tool to facilitate this task. In addition, we work in a precision timing mode with our colleagues and customers. If a data transfer file does not arrive at its destination on time, there could be a very negative impact on our business. For example, if a storage order does not arrive at an agency on the other side of the world for a warehouse delivery scheduled for the following day, the consequence would be a lot of people out of work. In the same way, if financial data does not arrive in a secure and reliable manner, the accountants cannot do their jobs correctly. There are a lot of critical data flows in our business, and we know we can count on Axway Managed File Transfer solutions to get the job done.”

Bolloré Logistics also uses data transport for interactive EAI. For example, one Bolloré customer automatically issues invoices upon product delivery at the customer site, and the entire process is managed by Axway Transfer. With Axway Transfer, the delivery notice instantaneously triggers customer invoicing via interactive EAI.

Axway and Bolloré

A long-term, win-win relationship

Axway solutions, including Axway Transfer, Axway Integrator, Axway Gateway and Axway Sentinel have been part of Bolloré Group’s infrastructure for years. Axway has been the right partner to accompany Bolloré throughout its strong growth. “We didn’t start out with 90 instances of Axway Transfer,” Dehainault said. “In fact, in 2006, we forecast 300,000 data transfers per year, and as of 2012, we have been managing 9.5 million transfers per year. If a department in the company wants to transfer data, we simply provide them with an interface to Axway Transfer, and they are set to go. We on-board new customers every day, and with Axway we are fully confident that we have the right solutions in place.”

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