Success Story: BMW Group

Global automobile manufacturer makes Axway SecureTransport its standard for managed file transfer

  • Headquarters

    Munich, Germany
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    Consolidate file transfer solutions to a single, central solution offering standard Internet protocols — with full security and compliance

  • Solution

  • Results

    • A consolidated point of entry and exit for all file-based transactions with installations in European and U.S. data centers
    • Reduced need to manually manage file transfers
    • Reduced effort and workload for system administration and verificationƒ
    • Full security compliance and awareness
    • Enterprise-level flexibility and scalability
    • Ease-of-use for service provision teams

When this global, high-end auto manufacturer needed to offer a single solution for establishing connections with business partners worldwide, they chose Axway SecureTransport.

Consolidation for Compliance and Security

A single solution based on industry standards

The BMW Group had a large variety of file transfer solutions in place used for exchanging files with external partners. Many of the solutions were home-grown and script-based. The replacement of the unsecure protocols with secure protocols became necessary so as to comply with BMW’s security policies. In addition, there was a need to offer a single solution for establishing connections with business partners worldwide, a solution that offered both ad hoc and automated processes. 

Axway SecureTransport has been used by BMW’s UK operations for about four years. The infrastructure team at the group’s headquarters decided to carry out a full Proof-of-Concept (POC) with Axway SecureTransport. The hands-on experience gained through the POC enabled BMW to validate the fact that Axway SecureTransport was definitely the right solution for the Group. 

In effect, Axway SecureTransport fit the BMW Group’s needs in providing: 

  • ƒCompliance with security policies through secure features and standard Internet protocols ƒ
  • A high-end enterprise platform that is simple to use and highly flexible ƒ
  • Advanced features that comply with all future requirements ƒ
  • High-availability mode for 24x7 service levels ƒ
  • Dual-tier configuration with Axway SecureTransport and SecureTransport Edge in the DMZ 
  • Reduced administration requirements and costs
  • ƒ Easy integration into existing architecture
  • One central solution based on standard Internet protocols as the foundation for consolidation of all different script-based solutions.

Centralized, Standardized Managed File Transfer Service Worldwide

For communications with an extensive supplier network

BMW acquired an initial Axway SecureTransport license for 500 business users. The first users included the departments of Engineering, R&D and Finance. However, there are dozens of other departments throughout the company that have file transfer needs that use diverse proprietary solutions, all of which will be soon consolidated to Axway SecureTransport. Files are exchanged with Internet content providers, telcos, banks, suppliers, dealers, engineering firms, and more. As the use of SecureTransport ramps up, the solution will scale to meet BMW’s requirements.

Axway SecureTransport is installed in two BMW datacenters. One installation is located at the headquarters in Germany, and another at the company’s U.S. operations. BMW has been using Axway’s EDI solutions in Europe for many years; however, in the United States; EDI use is not as widespread. U.S. operations were instead using a script solution running on a Windows server. As a replacement for the Windows solution, Axway SecureTransport provided a highly scalable communication and file transfer system more suitable to its extensive supplier network in the U.S.

An Out-of-the-Box Solution for Standard Tasks

Flexibility eases work load

BMW’s infrastructure teams serve a large number of internal departments each having different user requirements. Axway SecureTransport simplifies the provision of diverse file and data transfer requirements with easy-to-implement, out-of-the box solutions for standard tasks such as automated push/pull, or PGP encryption/ decryption. Axway SecureTransport is highly configurable and customizable for all aspects of file and data transfer needs. As a result, it greatly facilitates the work of the central infrastructure team that provides these services. 

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