Success Story: BHF-BANK

One central data hub with Axway MFT

  • Headquarters

    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    • A continuously increasing number of electronic transactions with no management capabilities ƒƒ
    • Lack of visibility into and monitoring of file transfers ƒƒ
    • No centralized control over file transfers
  • Results

    • Centralized dissemination and receipt of data ƒƒ
    • Precise statistics about file-transfer transactions ƒ
    • ƒRobust data hub with higher availability and optimal throughput ƒƒ
    • Continuous, real-time visibility and proactive monitoring

The entire Axway package simply made the difference. It was immediately clear that Axway had a solution that existed in reality. This was not always the case with Axway competitors, who often had a nicely presented package on the table, but did not live up to the high expectations.”

Demands for Fast, Secure Electronic File Exchange

Most people can’t even remember when they received their last fax. Electronic data exchange has taken over as the most efficient (and most popular) method of data sharing worldwide, even in more conservative industries such as the banking sector. “If customers or partners are waiting for an electronic transaction and it doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes, they pick up the telephone and inquire,” explains Klaus Krüger, team manager of web and middle systems at BHF-BANK. “And at 15 minutes, they feel they have already waited an eternity. We feel obligated to this service expectation and want to fully comply with it.” 

This scenario makes one thing clear above all — standards in matters of security, stability, and traceability have radically changed. If in the past it was sufficient that transactions were completed in a day or even a week, they must now be completed automatically and within minutes, with no manual intervention. Because of these new expectations, it is also no longer sufficient to use simple FTP solutions that only move data back and forth, in limited quantities. Today in the banking sector, factors such as security, integrity, interoperability, performance, visibility, and centralized administration of file transfers are critical.

“Customers may hand off data for a risk assessment on a certain day. We then pass it off to our risk assessment systems, generate the reports, and subsequently make them available again for downloading. The customer’s server then automatically downloads the data from our server and can continue processing it,” explained Krüger. “Such transactions must occasionally elapse in a certain timeframe, however, since the executive board must be briefed at a particular time. Depending on the circumstances, not only internal guidelines can have an effect here but requirements of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht - BAFin) for example. Depending on their individual requirements, our customers may want to execute the data exchange via FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, or of course email. This can vary from case to case.”

Increased Efficiency through Automation

It was very important for BHF-BANK to establish a central fixed point for administration and control over all aspects of file transfer. And, in order to increase efficiency and lower administrative costs on thousands of transfers per day, the new solution needed to provide the right automation capabilities. To this end, the choice for a new managed file transfer solution depended primarily on platform independence, extensive protocol support, and solution integrity.

This is precisely what BHF-BANK executives found with Axway.

BHF-BANK Implements Axway for Optimal File Transfer Management

In order to offer its customers reliable around-the-clock service for electronic data exchange, BHF-BANK implemented a central data hub featuring Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT).

Thanks to the Axway solution, BHF-BANK now efficiently manages all file transfers while increasing the security and stability of the system. In addition, the bank now has end-to-end visibility into file transfers, and the capability to proactively monitor all transactions.

“Time and again we experience the scenario where we are able to warn customers of problems in their infrastructure components,” explained Krüger. “With our robust infrastructure, we demonstrate that trouble-free data exchange is important to us.”

“We are highly satisfied with the Axway solution. It completely fulfills our requirements, and collaboration with Axway was simply flawless.”

Axway Delivers the Best Overall MFT Solution

In addition to robust product features, Axway and its service capabilities played an important role in BHF-BANK’s decision. Exceptional readiness to provide service impressed the executives at BHF-BANK.

“The entire Axway package simply made the difference,” said Krüger. “The price-performance ratio was the best, and we could clearly see that Axway had identified our problem and responded with an appropriate solution. Above all, it was immediately clear that Axway also had a solution that existed in reality. This was not always the case with Axway competitors, who often had a nicely presented package on the table, but did not live up to the high expectations.”

BHF-BANK cooperated closely with Axway experts during the implementation, yet it was also important that sufficient in-use competence be developed.

For practical day-to-day work with the solution, the bank developed a specific training plan in collaboration with Axway. Axway provided a test implementation that allowed employees to practice under all but real conditions in order to make an easy transition possible.

The Axway MFT solution provides stability of more than 99 percent, and guarantees clearly higher throughput than the previous solution. “We are exceptionally satisfied with the service and support from Axway,” said Krüger. “If a problem does occur, Axway is completely straightforward. In the isolated cases where we had to battle with a somewhat exotic FTP server, Axway very quickly provided a patch that solved the problem.”

“We are highly satisfied with the Axway solution,” concluded Krüger. “It completely fulfills our requirements, and collaboration with Axway was simply flawless. We are fully satisfied with the products and the company, and would recommend both without reservation.”

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