Success Story: SalesCre8

To make car appraisal across national borders financially feasible, SalesCre8 stopped moving people and started moving data

  • Headquarters

  • Industry

  • Challenge

    Conduct damage assessment for end-of-lease fleet vehicles located outside national borders while cutting operational overhead associated with frequent travel of appraisers.

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Eliminated cost of frequent travel and associated paperwork
    • Cut development time for new mobile apps
    • Anticipate errors before they occur
    • Lower total cost of solution ownership

When fleet vehicles reach the end of their lease, leasing companies turn to SalesCre8 development hub based in Belgium to prepare the cars for reassignment (remarketing). After performing an appraisal process, SalesCre8 provides a cost assessment for fixing any damage to an independent third party.

Following the sale of SalesCre8 appraisal operations to a large leasing company in Luxembourg, it became apparent that sending appraisers from Belgium — where operations were to remain stationed — to the new parent site was cost prohibitive. Coordinating travel, paperwork and timely delivery, while maintaining the high quality standards SalesCre8 is known for, presented an acute challenge. To meet it, the SalesCre8 team sought an innovation solution that will allow them to conduct appraisals remotely, thereby cutting operational overhead and service costs while ensuring maximum quality and responsiveness.

SalesCre8 had previously had a highly satisfactory experience working with our app development team to create an iPhone app for SalesCre8 distributors. Now assigned to work on the new fleet remarketing and remote appraisal initiative, SalesCre8 once again looked to Axway for answers.

A high-quality, flexible mobile application

Appcelerator, now part of Axway, worked in collaboration with ACA Mobile to create the CarAppraisal app. The app allows employees in Luxembourg to perform the damage assessment in greater detail and provide SalesCre8 service suppliers in Belgium with the ability to assess necessary repair costs remotely. The application:

  • Guides the leasing company’s employees through remote assessments
  • Ensures consistent information gathering
  • Enables SalesCre8 experts to prepare a claim file with the needed repair costs remotely in more than 17 languages
  • Quickly emails a report to the customer with all claim-related information
  • Facilitates company expansion through worldwide service delivery
  • With Appcelerator, ACA Mobile was able to easily use building blocks from their previous project (iPhone application) for the new solution (iPad application). In the end, the solution not only met the requirements of the customer, it resulted in reduced costs and a significant time savings.

Axway transforms business

By using the Axway App Development solution, formerly Appcelerator platform, SalesCre8 profits from:

  • Reduced development time for new mobile apps. The solution increases the velocity of development while decreasing costs without any loss of quality.
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The solution recycles modules and reuses code across different mobile platforms allowing for faster updates across the mobile portfolio.
  • Fully native mobile app. A mobile app in one language but deployable across multiple platforms offers strong usability and fast performance.
  • Built-in analytics. Analytics detect and fix errors before entering a critical stage and a lifecycle dashboard provides a comprehensive real-time view of the end-to-end mobile lifecycle.
  • High-quality, high-performing apps. Full test automation decreases testing time and improves app quality.
  • Accelerated access. Test users can download and install new applications faster through the invite system.

ACA Mobile

The ACA Mobile team used Appcelerator’s app development platform for this project, which allowed them to easily select building blocks from their previous project (iPhone application) and use them for the new solution (iPad application). Without Appcelerator, now part of Axway, and the specific platform knowledge of the ACA Mobile team, any effort to create the solution would have to have started from scratch. In the end, the solution not only met the requirements of the customer, but also decreased costs, time and resources.

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