Ping Identity acquires Elastic Beam—a win-win for Axway

June 29, 2018 | By Camille Siegel, Axway


Ping Identity acquires Elastic Beam—a win-win for Axway


By Dan Tortorici, Senior Director, API Management Solutions Marketing, Axway

With the world full of cyber-attacks and uncertainty, what could be better than an increased level of intelligence enabling discovery of API security threats and how APIs are accessed and used?

Ping Identity recently acquired Elastic Beam providing the ability to identify and block cyber-attacks that go after APIs and to become the first company to leverage artificial intelligence to secure the API infrastructure in cloud and hybrid environment The solution is AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven and is integrated and optimized to work with Axway’s API Management solution.

We believe PingIntelligence for APIs enables Axway to strengthen our industry-leading API security threats with AI and machine learning to defend against login and identity attacks, API specific DoS/DDoS and cyberattacks on data, apps and systems by discerning regular from abnormal API usage. Taking quick action when abnormalities start to occur reduces the attack identification from months to minutes

This acquisition extends their leadership by delivering a widespread intelligence-based approach to API security and detecting threats.

According to Gartner, “API abuses will be the most-frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications by 2022.” This is why API security is Ping Identity’s first application of intelligent identity. The automatic collection, analysis and management of identity attributes all support API security.

With the tech world rapidly moving like the speed of light, a new world is dawning. API security through comprehensive standards and strong leadership are now in place more than ever to bring your company and their piece of mind to the next level. 


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