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September 14, 2016 | By Tom Nuth, Director of Product & Solution Marketing , Axway

Axway is pleased to announce the future of file sharing and management for global enterprise. With Axway’s release of the 2016 MFT Suite, Axway is increasingly giving enterprises the power to scale with growing data requirements and meet today’s biggest business challenges within new API framework and management tools so they can customize solution that fit their individual business needs. From banking to global logistics, Axway is maintaining and increasing the lead in file sharing technology, management and security.

What’s in it for your business?

Navigating the Data Explosion

By 2020, the global data ecosystem will exceed 44 Zettabytes. That’s 10 times the data load in 2013! Enterprise businesses, long-focused on driving efficiencies in traditional operations with disciplines like Lean Six Sigma, have begun to realize that a lot of their waste and inefficiencies comes from digital communication, work collaboration and file sharing mechanisms that the organization depends on for internal communication and customer outreach. Furthermore, with all of this data, managing critical files is becoming increasingly time-intensive and subject to failure. This is bad for business and bad for security.

With the Axway MFT platform suite, we’re changing businesses with file transfer tools and technology that are meant for global businesses in the new digital age. We have a unique platform that not only offers innovative technology, but the services infrastructure that supports MFT integration into any business, anywhere; but before we get into the product; did you know…

Did you know that at least 32% of critical financial transactions today depend on file transfer technology? Furthermore, that these transactions make up 60% of all moving data? It’s true. Even more surprising, did you know that up to 80% of business today still rely on old FTP file transfer technology, resulting in an 8% failure rate?  8% is a lot of lost internal consumer data, as well as a lot of lost potential. Imagine if a file transfer rate close to 0% could be achieved. What would that mean for your business? What would that mean for your customers?  

The Axway Managed File Transfer Solution

The collection of new features offered are key in helping large IT organizations sustain and expand their influence for digital transformation initiatives. Best-in-class already leverage Axway MFT solutions ability to deliver enterprise class scalability, reliability, fast recovery, data security, APIs, state of the art human based interactions and unique flow governance capabilities. These organizations enable digital business using Axway MFT to address new challenges from big data projects, infrastructure virtualization, disk sharing, human based collaboration, facing cyber-threats and compliance with ever strengthening regulations.

This announcement shows how the new release of SecureTransport (5.3.3), Secure Client (6.3), Transfer CFT (3.2.2) and Central Governance (1.1.1) help customers build a strong integration foundation to improve operational efficiency and customer experience; enhancing business agility and growth.

Axway SecureTransport

  • New web client for improved file sharing experience
  • Whitelisting for improved security Powerful out-of-the-box file routing

Axway Secure Client

  • Folder synchronization to maintain compliance, security and accessibility

Axway Transfer CFT

  • Advanced application integration scenarios with new sequencing and spooling functions

Axway Central Governance

  • Data flow management APIs
  • DevOps automation for integration with enterprise systems


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MFT:ready for digital and always ready for business

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Tom Nuth

Director of Product & Solution Marketing , Axway

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