Planning Your Digital Transformation: Think Enablement

October 21, 2015 | By Jeanine Banks, Executive Vice President, Global Products and Solutions, Axway

We have just finished the first full day of sessions at Axway Connections North America and – it was full of great conversations.

The day started with an inspiring discussion on the age of the customer from our CEO Jean-Marc Lazzari. We then heard from Accenture, Dun & Bradstreet, and National Australia Bank, who shared their real-world digital transformation stories during our Digital Leaders Panel. It was fascinating to hear their unique stories and examples of their respective journeys.

After the Digital Leaders Panel, I had the opportunity to drive deeper into several topics highlighted in Jean-Marc’s presentation and explain how the Axway 5 Suite helps organizations successfully undertake the journey to digital. At the center of this transformation is digital enablement. And while the starting point to that process might vary due to different strategic objectives, there are three key areas that all organizations need to carefully manage in order to prepare their technology foundation for enablement with digital ecosystems.

  • Enable Digital Connectivity: Converting analog business processes to digital and connecting data flows across digital silos
  • Enable Digital Services: Exposing and consuming business services through digital channels to expand business relationships
  • Enable Digital Experiences: Changing how business works and creating new business models powered by digital platforms 

 This is no small task as digital enablement is really just short hand for transforming business capabilities into a platform to build and grow an enterprise ecosystem. And as I noted during my presentation, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach as different organizations are at different stages of their own journey.

The most important takeaway for me though is that whatever point in the journey a company is at – and I can say that very confidently as we work with more than 11,000 public and private sector customers across 100 countries – we can help. That is because we have built a suite of technologies that helps our customers not only design, adopt and monetize new digital business models, but also deploy secure, reliable and scalable shared services.

All that was just this morning.

After we got back from lunch, we went deep into both the engagement and foundation components of a digital enablement strategy. This gave us the opportunity to discuss the product capabilities that help make it all possible – MFT, B2B, API Management and Operational Intelligence - and included a variety of sessions led by both our expert product team and customers.

Tomorrow we have some great sessions from the Axway team and I am particularly looking forward to joining the sessions with Forrester Research, Deloitte and our different customers that are presenting at this year’s Connections North America.    

TOPICS: Digital Business

Jeanine Banks

Executive Vice President, Global Products and Solutions, Axway

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