The Future of Business: Digital Predator or Digital Prey?

October 23, 2015 | By Don Dixon, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Axway

We have just finished up Axway Connections North America and it really has been excellent to spend all this time with our customers and partners.

From our CEO Jean-Marc Lazzari’s inspirational keynote presentation on the digital journey and Jeanine Banks’ presentation on planning for a digital transformation, to all the amazing sessions from our customers and partners, we’ve certainly been empowered with many powerful insights on the evolution of the digital economy.

Yesterday, our guest speaker, Nigel Fenwick, VP and principal analyst from Forrester Research, summed up the transformation that is taking place within organizations when he explained that it’s now a case of becoming a “digital predator or digital prey.” While this might appear to be a stark expression of the reality we now face, it is truly the environment we are presented with, given the technological and economic changes we face today.

To help attendees successfully navigate this new reality, Nigel shared insights into the strategies that organizations can follow to create new sources of value for customers by embarking on a digital transformation journey. I believe at the heart of Nigel’s recommendations was the importance of focusing on the outcomes customers desire, and the digital experiences that help them toward these outcomes. Nigel highlighted the shift companies need to do this, moving from an inside-out view of the world, where an organization is centered on its own business, to an outside-in view of the world where the customer outcome is at the center of what we do and provide.

I couldn’t agree more with Nigel on this point and that’s exactly why we host events like Axway Connections and why our customers and partners have conducted more than half of the sessions at this week’s event. 

As Nigel explained, once you’ve switched your viewpoint to focus on the customer, it’s time to build out a strategy to master the new business landscape that is centered around digital technologies. I agree this is no small task, and requires organizations to bring together both operational and customer views. And just like everything else we have talked about this week, digital mastery is a journey, not a destination, and requires us all to continually reinvent and think outside the box to enable digital success. If you are like me, though, that constant need to rethink and reinvent is what makes everything so exciting.

So, as Axway Connections North America is now at an end, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that made this event possible and say a special thank you to our customers and partners. We absolutely couldn’t do any of this without you, and we are excited to continue to partner with you on your individual digital journeys. 

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Don Dixon

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Axway

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