Supporting Digital Business Initiatives with Managed File Transfer Technology

July 9, 2015 | By Shawn Ryan, Vice President Product Marketing, Platform as a Service, Axway

As more and more industries venture into the digital realm, they begin to expose themselves to business risks including data loss, damage and security breaches. Without a secure and efficient method to transfer data from one end point to another, organizations leave themselves and their customers vulnerable to hackers and security risks, which in turn could lead to mistrust from customers and failure to comply with the law – both which result in a loss of business.

To help address these challenges, we recently released new enhancements to Axway SecureTransport, our Managed File Transfer (MFT) gateway. As part of Axway 5 Suite, the updates allow organizations to safely transport large files across geographic locations and through various networks, allowing users to initiate both embedded and ad hoc files transfers. Additionally, Axway 5 Suite comes complete with REST APIs to better facilitate file transfer functionality into new and innovative applications.

By implementing solutions such as Axway SecureTransport 5.3, organizations can leverage REST APIs to support digital business without interruption; drive employee productivity by enabling them to share data and initiate embedded and ad hoc files; and protect against threats by enabling users to delegate who can view, modify and transport files with confidence and ease.

Here at Axway we’re no strangers to MFT technology. Recently, Info-Tech Research Group named our MFT solution as a “Champion” in its Managed File Transfer Vendor Landscape report. The report analyzed various managed file transfer solutions, examining several vendors that offer broad capabilities, market share, mindshare and platform coverage. Axway also received “Best in Class” designation for “Role Based Security” because of its data flow governance abilities.

If you’d like to learn more about how Axway can help your business ensure safe and secure file transfers and support your digital business initiatives, please visit:

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Shawn Ryan

Vice President Product Marketing, Platform as a Service, Axway

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