This Week in Digital Business: May 22, 2015

May 22, 2015 | By Mark Skoog, VP Marketing, Axway

Drummond Group published a press release announcing 15 software applications from 11 international companies have been Drummond certified – Axway was one of the 15 on the list; InformationWeek discussed six obstacles executives will face with the Internet of Things; Fast Company weighed in on what the future of work will look like in 2025; Healthcare IT News pointed out six questions to ask about connected devices; ZDNet highlighted the top enterprise technologies to watch in 2015; Information Management reported on data governance bridging the gap between marketing and IT

  • Earlier this week Axway was named one of 15 software applications from 11 international companies that are Drummond Certified in the AS2-1Q15 automated interoperability test event. 
  • Could the Internet of Things halt your future business endeavors? InformationWeek discussed a recent report from McKinsey and the Global Semiconductor Alliance stating six obstacles executives are going to have to overcome with the Internet of Things.
  • As technology becomes more prevalent in our day-to-day lives it’s only natural that our future workplaces could be run by robots. Fast Company asked experts to divulge what the workplace could look like in 2025. Hint: wearables will change the way we behave. 
  • Mobile devices, connected devices and the Internet of Things in the healthcare industry continue to pose a threat to data security and represent liability risks. Healthcare IT News published an article pointing out six fundamental questions healthcare professionals need to ask about connected devices. 
  • ZDNet highlighted the top enterprise technologies to keep a close eye on this year. The top of the list included the Internet of Things (no surprise there); big data and data science; wearable IT; and open APIs. 
  • Data governance once again proves to be superior as it helps companies bridge the gap between marketing and IT. A recent article by Information Management reported how IT teams can empower data-driven marketing teams by providing better tools and automation across the entire analytic process.

TOPICS: API Management, Internet of Things

Mark Skoog

VP Marketing, Axway

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