Is your MFT ready for the IBM z13?

January 27, 2015 | By John Andrews, Axway

IBM recently announced the availability of a “new” mainframe dubbed the z13. Flying in the face of the “mainframe is dead” mantra, IBM is introducing a mainframe that is poised to address the needs of mobile, analytics (big data), cloud, and security. According to IBM, it can handle 2.5 billion transactions a day. It’s a bit more impressive when it’s written out fully: 2,500,000,000 transactions a day. This represents the total number of transactions of 100 cyber-malls … for every day of the year!

It’s clear that IBM sees value in what many pundits deem as legacy technology. In fact, they’re stating, by this introduction, that legacy infrastructure can (and should) be updated and invested in. “Legacy” technology is often the heart of a business that cannot be ripped and replaced. It can be “upgraded,” as IBM is showing here. In fact, they’re acknowledging that there are concerns with legacy technology (i.e., the focus on security: real-time encryption of data) which have to be addressed, in addition to adding new functionality.

So the mainframe is being updated -- what does this mean for other infrastructure? Well, I’d argue that it means that everything that is considered legacy should be open to updating. Just because it was working (mainframes worked) doesn’t mean that it meets the needs of the current business environment needs around security, visibility, and integration.

This brings us to Managed File Transfer technology. It’s often considered legacy. It’s often believed it should be left in place “because it does the job.” Whether your file transfer technology is some version of SFTP or a purpose-built MFT solution, the introduction of the z13 should cause people to take the time to reevaluate their legacy technology.

We at Axway recommend that you review your legacy technology, including your MFT technology, and ask the question, “Is my MFT ready for the z13?”

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