From Defend to Extend.

November 6, 2012 | By paulfrenchaxway, Axway

by Paul French, VP, Strategy, Axway

Today, Axway announced intent to acquire Vordel, an industry leading provider of API Server, SOA Governance and Identity solutions. For over ten years, Axway has been dedicated to “Business Interaction Networks,” the connections and collaboration that exists between systems, applications and trading partners. The market is moving quickly to embrace the value of cloud and mobile, and together, Axway and Vordel enable customers to be proactive in the way they embrace those new opportunities.

The Axway and Vordel portfolios are extremely complementary. Axway customers will benefit from additional integration and governance capabilities and, more importantly, the ability to access cloud services and extend legacy data sources and applications to mobile devices.  For those of us at Axway, this acquisition broadens the definition of what it means to be an industry leader in MFT, B2B and Integration.

We have a number of customers in common in industries like financial services, logistics and public sector, and some of these customers have already integrated the two offers in ways that provide end-to-end data flows complete with monitoring, visibility and identity capabilities. We are excited to bring those types of implementations to all of our customers.

Together, we will be able to change the way enterprises think about “the edge” of the enterprise - no longer looking at it as a place simply to protect and defend, but also as a tool to extend enterprise boundaries to include new sources of value like cloud integration and mobile access.  We’re excited about what this means for our customers and our respective teams, and we will share more information over the next few months.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please leave your comments here, and for more information and specifics on the announcement, visit:

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