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June 5, 2012 | By kimlougheadaxway, Axway

By Kim Loughead, VP, Cloud Product & Solutions Marketing, Axway

We at Axway have noticed a marked shift toward cloud adoption in the last eighteen months. This infographic illustrates what we think will be the consequences of that shift over the next three to five years.

Historically, cloud adoption has attracted small enterprises -- and departments of medium and large enterprises -- looking for an easy way to deploy a point solution.

But today, more and more enterprises are turning to the cloud not just for point-solution deployment but for core-business-system deployment -- a sure sign of an uptick in confidence in the cloud and a veritable curtain call for “cloud hype.”

The truth is that cloud is a major part of our customer conversations today, conversations that just six months ago didn’t include cloud at all.

The notion of device independence -- how it’s no longer about what happens on the desktop but about what happens on any connected device anywhere -- is now a major consideration for the enterprise. Customers want software that up-levels the security of all data being accessed remotely, allows their systems to withstand penetration tests, and ensures device independence will not jeopardize their ability to meet SLAs.

Axway technology does exactly that. It prepares our customers for a “tipping point” (by 2015) when the cloud’s incomparable flexibility will almost require enterprises to evolve from primarily on-premise, to primarily cloud, deployments. And it’s worth noting that it’s this very flexibility  inherent in the cloud that will demand change across all traditional financing, delivery and business models.

Enterprise IT departments will abandon their perennial pursuit for consolidation. Instead, they’ll license best-in-class cloud technology from multiple vendors, adding a level of complexity to IT management that the enterprise software market will address through cloud brokers and cloud aggregators.

And that will require yet another layer of cloud service providers that can help enterprise IT consolidate activities, such as billing and administration, so that they're dealing with a handful of brokers and aggregators, rather than thousands of vendors.

The cloud revolution is underway, the possibilities are endless, and the ultimate outcome is anyone’s guess. But one thing is certain: The face of enterprise IT -- and the way IT infrastructure will be managed -- is about to be changed forever.

Infographic – The Cloud: Impact and Adoption

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