APIs for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Secure and manage APIs that connect devices to your applications

APIs are tightly linked with the IoT because they are the messengers between applications and connected objects. Because they connect important “things” like cars, medical devices, smart grids and thermostats to the Internet, API management that is flexible, scalable and — above all— secure is critical.

With Axway API Management, you have the API delivery and governance solution you need to connect devices to back-end applications and third-party systems; the security you need to protect sensitive information, safety data and critical infrastructure; and the performance you need to capture and deliver massive amounts of data via web APIs.

Axway products

  • Axway API Gateway

    Secure, managed and controlled access for connected devices

    • Protect sensitive data going to and from medical devices, smart grids and meters, cars, thermostats, appliances and other connected devices
    • Prevent attacks and breaches that can result in dangerous situations, legal challenges and compliance penalties
    • Integrate and aggregate partner APIs, no matter what interface protocols or authentication schemes they use
    • Open up API access to big data resources to enable new customer services, improve operational efficiency or create new revenue opportunities
  • Axway API Portal

    Role-based, self-service portal

    • Publish a centralized catalog of APIs for communicating with IoT infrastructure
    • Make it easy for developers to subscribe to the APIs they want to use in their applications
    • Provide “test it” functionality so that developer can send test requests to your API through the portal
    • Manage multiple developer communities, including internal groups, partners and the general public

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