About API validation and security with Amplify

New APIs are discovered in other vendor gateways or repositories such as GitHub, SwaggerHub, or Bitbucket by agents and/or CLI, automating linting, style guide, and security checks before acceptance into the registry. Approved assets can then be promoted into the catalog where they can be available for subscription and consumption. If unmanaged APIs need security added, they can be protected by the feature-rich Axway API Gateway.

Registry & catalog
  • Event-based workflows for validation can be triggered on agent-based discovery or CLI (command line interface) commands called from existing pipelines
  • Registry and catalog are SaaS components of the Amplify Platform, reducing management overhead
  • Policy based gateway provides comprehensive runtime security if desired
Registry & catalog
  • Discover and validate all APIs into a single registry (REST, Synch/Asynch, GraphQL, Events, gRPC, SOAP)
  • Select and promote only valuable services or versions to create curated assets
  • Secure and manage unsecured APIs
  • Configure advanced security policies from over 200 prebuilt operations, or customize your own
Registry & catalog
  • You have no automated process for discovering, testing, and validating APIs
  • Multiple development teams are using multiple API tools and deployments
  • You're struggling to know where all your API assets are and which ones are secure and validated
  • There are unmanaged APIs in your organization that are not secure
Registry & catalog
  • Other companies offer automation and promotion for APIs developed with their tools, but unlike Amplify, their solutions are incompatible with tools, processes, or repositories that are not their own
  • Axway's universal platform approach to API discovery and validation ensures you have a complete catalog from which you can build your API products
  • Axway allows you to keep security enforcement in your existing gateway, or the flexibility to add it to ours
Registry & catalog
  • Lower costs by leveraging what you have while gaining better insight into all your API assets
  • Improve efficiency by automating the process of discovery and validation of all new API assets
  • Decrease security risk and ensure compliance by finding and remediating all unmanaged APIs
  • Shut down attack vectors by configuring security policies for all unmanaged APIs

Axway API security and validation in action

Achieving tight security with no shadow IT

With centralized governance of APIs, Baird took an enterprise-level approach to API management, boosting security and simplifying API reuse to avoid shadow IT.

Enabling secure, seamless eGovernment services in Germany

Axway helps BA to serve millions of citizens and companies by integrating more than 1000,000 employees on a secure, central platform.

Building next-generation services on scalable, secure APIs

Axway helps CommonSpirit ensure compliance with data governance standards while accelerating new data-driven capabilities and enhancing the patient care experience.

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