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API onboarding is the process of getting a customer up to speed with an API. As an example, when you begin a new job, there is a process in place for integrating the new employee into the company, as well as familiarizing them with their techniques and platforms. For an API, it’s no different. A procedure is in place to make you familiar with the role of an API. 

API Documentation

API documentation is necessary for API onboarding. With API documentation in place, you can provide access to the necessary information to help the API onboarding process run easier. Most times, new API users need to be guided along to understand the API process and procedures. API documentation helps a person become more fluent with an API. 

API Portal

Many things go into the API onboarding process for API use. For example, consumers need to first discover an API, then they decide if its functions are worthy. This is where an API Portal comes in to lend a hand. An API Portal helps cut out the middleman, fusing the space between the API consumer and provider. 

Key capabilities

Further, an API Portal is helpful because it enables you to be an API administrator within the system. An API Portal should, in fact, be the primary component for onboarding API customers. As with streamlining the process, you can integrate with different workflow processes for API onboarding. 

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