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Axway Validation Authority. Safeguard mission-critical PKIs.

Transform your PKI environment from a vulnerable bottleneck to a secure, efficient engine of trust with a comprehensive and scalable framework for instantly authenticating digital certificates.

Axway Validation Authority. Safeguard mission-critical PKIs.

Instant validation of digital certificates

Axway Validation Authority Suite delivers business and technical advantages that have earned it wide adoption across the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

Comprehensive solution

  • One-stop shop for a centralized approach to certificate validation
  • OCSP and SCVP Responder, Repeater, and client functionalities eliminate need for CRL downloads to every local
  • Extensive configuration options adjust to meet your architecture requirements -- no need to adjust architecture to meet certificate validation requirements

Scalability and reliability

  • Handles high volumes of validation requests to reliably support the largest environments
  • Supports High Availability to approach near-zero downtime
  • Distributed architecture and fault tolerance features make it ideal for mission-critical deployments

Flexible integration

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing PKI systems
  • Supports various protocols, including OCSP, SCVP, and proprietary low-bandwith protocols
  • Offers APIs for programmatic integration

Easy to administer and expand

  • Intuitive interface and easy administration speed adoptions and reduce burdens on IT
  • Ability to export and import configurations simplifies deployment of additional components

Advanced monitoring and reporting

  • Provides comprehensive insights into validation activity
  • Enables troubleshooting and compliance reporting

Supports distributed coverage

  • Responder and Repeater software enables digital certificate validation over a wide geographical area while supporting High Availability for mission-critical requirements

High Availability on the client side

  • Desktop Validator for Windows and Server Validator for Apache Web Server support failover options to multiple certificate revocation information sources
  • These clients also can extend the life of CRL info for isolated networks

Axway Validation Authority (VA): Suite Components

Axway Validation Authority Suite offers cost-effective scalability across a wide range of desktop and server environments.

A flexible suite of components to meet the moment

Validation Authority Suite offers a range of components that provide robust certificate validation using client and server applications. Select what you need.

Responder and Repeater

Prevent revoked credentials from being used for smart card authentication, digital signing, and digital encryption with Axway VA Server.

Desktop Validator

A flexible client solution that provides reliable digital certificate validation in the most commonly used Microsoft Windows-based desktop and server applications.

Server Validator

A client application that provides reliable digital certificate validation for Apache Web Server running on Windows Server or RHEL.

Validator Toolkit Java

Supplies a complete set of certificate validation functions, source code examples, and reference manuals to add PKI to home-grown applications.


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“Because we support millions of stakeholders, we need a solution that can validate certificates reliably, at speed and scale. That’s exactly what Axway Validation Authority lets us do.”
– Joe Sergewich, PKI Engineer at Defense Logistics Agency