“We had to set up a secure connection to transport information in both directions. We also had to control the information, both when we’re sending it out and when it comes into our system.”


reduction in postage expenses


processing replaced manual data transfers


time to market through new services

Case study details

The Danish Defence is the unified armed forces of the Kingdom of Denmark, charged with the defense of Denmark and its overseas territories, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Its primary purpose is to prevent conflicts and war, preserve the sovereignty of Denmark, secure the continuing existence and integrity of the Kingdom of Denmark, and further peaceful development in the world with respect to human rights

Securely expose APIs in order to send and receive information between Danish Defence’s secure network and the e-Boks platform mandated by Danish law, while automating processes and reducing costs

• Massive cost reduction, with a 96 percent decrease in postage expenses

• Automated processing, replacing manual, USB-based data transfers and labor-intensive postal mailing

• Faster time to market through the easy integration of new services

• Rapid return on investment, with ROI in six months