"Thanks to the Amplify platform, we can use our legacy systems to support cutting-edge technologies such as streaming, machine learning, and AI — empowering our developers to build next-generation services and helping CommonSpirit Health to enhance the patient experience"


development of new data-driven capabilities


data from legacy medical applications securely


patient experience with next-generation services

Case study details

CommonSpirit Health is one of the largest nonprofit hospital chains in the U.S. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the health system employs around 150,000 people, and delivers care services through a system of hospitals and other centers in 21 states

To enhance the patient experience, CommonSpirit Health is committed to service innovation. How can the organization enable advanced digital capabilities such as precision medicine and telemedicine while maintaining tight control over data and costs?

• Integrates data from legacy medical applications securely

• Ensures compliance with stringent data governance standards

• Accelerates development of new data-driven capabilities

• Enhances the patient care experience with next-generation services