"Amplify API Management Platform gives us the security, scalability and cost-efficiency to expand our open ecosystem across Italy and beyond."


annual API transaction growth


mission-critical financial data


cost-effective pricing for end users

Case study details

Across Europe, the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) triggered a surge in open banking activity. For some banks, compliance was the primary objective, and many organizations raced to enable the new capabilities ahead of the incoming regulation. Fabrick — a European pioneer in open finance, headquartered in Milan, Italy — sensed pent-up appetite to go beyond compliance, and aimed to harness the new data-driven services to build collaborative offerings. It looked to lift the speed, convenience, and security of the customer experience to new heights.

Fabrick aims to become Europe’s leading open ecosystem for financial services. How could the organization enable banks, fintechs and businesses to collaborate securely and cost-efficiently on its new platform at international scale?

  • Supports 10x annual API transaction growth
  • Offers cost-effective pricing for end users
  • Protects mission-critical financial data