"Railinc plays a critical role in keeping North America’s rail industry moving — and SecureTransport will continue to be a key enabler of our mission-critical services."


rail assets running securely in the cloud


availability for critical B2B file transfers


customer transfers a day processed securely 

Case study details

Railinc plays an integral role in the smooth-running of the North American rail network. From its headquarters in Cary, N.C., the company builds, maintains, and delivers information systems that empower hundreds of railway stakeholders to coordinate millions of rail-asset movements each year.

A critical component of U.S. transportation infrastructure, Railinc supports commercial and government organizations with the information services they need to keep their rail assets moving day and night. How can the company ensure the B2B messaging infrastructure that powers these digital capabilities is always available?

  • Delivers 99.95% availability for mission-critical B2B file transfers
  • Processes 450,000 customer transfers per day reliably and securely
  • Enables the smooth-running of more than 2 million rail assets
  • Runs securely in the cloud, ensuring long-term scalability