“We predict that our reusable APIs will cut the time required to onboard a new acquiring bank from around 300 days to as little as 30 days. We can also make changes to our business systems with far greater agility."


faster onboarding for new banking clients


of deployment ahead of schedule


of AVEM’s payments business

Case study details

Formed in 2016 through the merger of several payments functions within the Crédit Agricole Group, AVEM is a specialist provider of payments services. Farid Latti, Manager, Architecture and Security at AVEM, elaborates: “We serve more than 500,000 retailers and manage more than 440,000 payment terminals. When one of our banking clients sells a payments solution to a retailer, they engage us to deliver and maintain the physical payments systems, and to manage the payments and reconciliation process.”

AVEM saw an opportunity to drive business growth by winning new banking clients for its merchant payment solutions. However, with its existing processes, it took hundreds of days of work to onboard each bank.

  • 90% faster onboarding for new banking clients
  • Deployed 2 months ahead of schedule
  • Facilitates growth of AVEM’s payments business