Testen Sie die Amplify API Management Platform kostenlos

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Testen Sie die Amplify API Management Platform kostenlos

Capabilities: Design, Build, and Test APIs

Low-code design of APIs

Integrate the Amplify platform with Stoplight to design APIs in minutes without code, build quality APIs faster and more cost-effectively, and deploy designs automatically to Amplify with just a click

Optimize what you already have

Ensure your unified catalog – the central repository of all your APIs – is always up-to-date with new assets with event-driven management. Drive collaboration and avoid duplication using what you have.


Test APIs with a click

Integrate the Amplify platform with API Fortress to test your APIs with one click and catch problems before they go live. Automated test generation seamlessly integrates with any CI/CD platform.

Open and CI/CD friendly

The Amplify platform works easily with standard industry tools, so you can work in a DevOps-friendly fashion across the entire API lifecycle

Easily REST-ify your enterprise

If your database or legacy service needs an instant REST API or you need to connect your Kafka topic to another API and transform data on the fly, Amplify API Builder modernizes your assets so you're ready to build new products

Event enablement without the hassle

Event-enable your enterprise and build dynamic real-time experiences while going easy on back-end systems and lowering operational costs. Axway Streams adds a Kafka-based event hub that lets you event-enable your infrastructure and applications without rip and replace.

Integrate faster to innovate

Build secure cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground integrations within minutes with a no-code/low-code approach and benefit from our 200+ prebuilt connectors with Amplify Integration Builder