Axway e-invoicing capabilities


Launch ready-to-use, cloud-based services

Both Axway PEPPOL Access Point and e-invoicing Archive are cloud-based services that can be quickly and easily added to your existing Axway B2Bi or TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM) solution.

Confidently exchange any e-invoice

With Axway PEPPOL Access Point you can monitor traffic in real time, be notified if a message fails to reach a recipient, and receive confirmation that your message has been delivered.

Ensure compliance with PEPPOL standards

Easily transform your in-house formats into PEPPOL compatible formats. Plus, validate outgoing and incoming documents against the PEPPOL standards to ensure compliance.

Eliminate audit risks

Axway e-invoicing Archive complies with the regulatory policies of more than 50 countries. You can consolidate all your invoices in a single place. It provides automatic calculation of the retention period based on the suppler and/or buyer’s country of establishment, plus advanced search capabilities to locate documents quickly.