"We needed a solution that we could trust to work reliably 24/7 without the constant supervision of our team. After our pilot project for SecureTransport, we were very impressed by how lowtouch the solution was."

$16B USD

moved securely on an annual basis


employes receive payroll without interruption


manual administration requirements 

Case study details

In the state of Maryland, the Office of the Comptroller is responsible for key administrative processes including the collection of taxes and disbursement of salaries and wages to state workers. Each year, the agency collects approximately $16 billion in tax revenues and pays more than 100,000 government employees

The Office of the Comptroller of Maryland plays a vital role in many administrative processes across the state, including payroll for government employees. How can the agency exchange financial data securely, reliably, and in full compliance with applicable regulations?

The agency is consolidating its file-transfer workloads to a highly available instance of SecureTransport, offering a single point of control for more efficient management and governance.