"The greatest business benefit of Axway B2B is the overall package of technology, reliability, and professionalism, both internally and externally. All our EDI processes run reliably and error-free. We made the right choice choosing Axway"


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Case study details

Pöppelmann is one of the leading manufacturers in the plastics processing industry. Pöppelmann partners with companies in more than 90 countries in the machine and apparatus construction sector, automotive, electro, solar, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical, surface technology and fitting industries

Future-proof the transformation from VDA (German Automotive Industry Association standards) to EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport), while simultaneously converting to OFTP2 standards and migrating from an on-premises system to a secure managed private cloud — all designed to optimize the global B2B supply chain, particularly in the automotive supply sector.

• With Managed Cloud Services for B2B, Pöppelmann implemented a central communications and transaction hub within the company based on a secure managed private cloud for customers, partners, and locations worldwide

• With a focus on the automotive industry, future-proofed modernization from VDA to EDIFACT of secure and fully automated electronic data exchanges

• From kick-off to go-live, no technical problems and Axway experts readily available