"Using Amplify, we can provide a 360-degree view through a single APIpowered portal, which is good for everyone."


development of new partnerships


transactions per day sent securely via APIs


opportunities for value-added services

Case study details

Formerly known as ACOSS (Agence Centrale des Organismes de Sécurité Sociale), URSSAF – Caisse Nationale manages France’s URSSAF network, which enables the collection and redistribution of social security contributions and management of the overall social safety net.

URSSAF – Caisse Nationale aimed to harness APIs to increase the resilience of its information systems and enable new services delivered by third parties. How could it meet stringent demands around security, resilience, and scalability?

• >4 million transactions/day sent securely via APIs

• Accelerates development of new partnerships

• Creates opportunities for value-added service