Most businesses today are on digital transformation journey. It’s a road strewn with many challenges that can slow progress, not the least of which are traditional integration processes and technologies that must still be managed. Axway surveyed 550 senior IT leaders to determine how their integration efforts are going, and how hybrid integration platforms (HIPs) can and have been used to speed their integration and accelerate their journey.

Integration Challenges

Security and the complexities, volumes and lack of experience in accomplishing integrations, top a list of many challenges IT faces with traditional integration solutions

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Believe it is time for change

Survey respondents believe that the IT department should not just be integrating for other departments - IT should be enabling others to integrate for themselves.

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 Axway Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Vince Padua. "The results reveal where global companies are in their implementation journey toward a hybrid integration platform that supports their long-term strategy and today's tactical needs."

Top driver for HIP

The number one factor driving adoption of hybrid integration platforms is the need to innovate faster to keep up with agile, cloud-native start-ups.

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HIP projects have started

45% of respondents have implemented or are implementing a hybrid integration platform to close the gap between new and traditional integrations.

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