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Digital data power that measures up to federal government standards.

Boost mission success: Secure your data, share your data, on premise or in the cloud

Today’s digital world provides many opportunities for government agencies to drive operational efficiency and positive outcomes within and beyond agency firewalls. With COTS software from Axway, U.S. federal agencies can govern the flow of mission-critical data across all systems — old and new. Agencies can manage, secure, monitor, predict and restore data flows across their organizations — including to and from the cloud, mobile devices, smart objects and IoT sensors — and integrate with social networks and “big data” systems. 

Rapidly and cost effectively modernize your IT operations with Axway’s unified approach. The secure, flexible and modular solutions work together seamlessly from a single interface. Axway’s integrated digital platform — deployed on premise or in the cloud — lets federal agencies:

  • Maintain control, security and governance by consolidating and integrating back-end services and rigid, siloed data streams into a single, manageable foundation
  • Use a single interface to manage, measure, predict and secure end-to-end data flows across departments, agencies, and channels
  • Capitalize on existing IT investments while creating new, secure mobile applications that easily integrate with current systems via APIs
  • Improve operational intelligence to proactively reduce risk, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance experiences and productivity with real-time, end-to-end visibility and predictive analytics across all data flows

Axway is unique, we enable you to secure and share information, we do it quickly and at scale, on premise or in the cloud. We have helped DoD, Intelligence, and Civilian agencies as well as 11,000 customers across the globe. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

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Secure information exchange that meets DoD requirements
  • Protect existing web services and API interfaces
  • Create new back-end services and interfaces, and manage them together with the existing ones
  • Create new native mobile apps — for Android, and iOS and Windows — by coding in Java Script
  • Integrate new applications and mobile device apps with legacy systems — and audit all the traffic
  • Monitor if and how mobile apps are being used
  • Centrally control all your FTP(S) interfaces and add checkpoint restart and DMZ protection to them
  • Get advance warnings of services failures — before they affect the warfighter
  • Share files between desktop and mobile devices — all while protecting data from ransomware
  • Validate digital certificates in real time within PKI environments using fast OCSP
Secure and scalable data flows within the intelligence community
  • Minimize your attack surface by letting analysts and FOBs exchange files without standing up siloed solutions
  • Transfer routine in-theater intelligence securely to CONUS/OCONUS with no “in field” configuration
  • Handle high-volume, large-file systems requiring sophisticated geospatial analysis or file introspection for exploitation and enrichment
  • Push intelligent policy enforcement to the edge, while centrally managing policy decision rules
Secure information exchange among civilian agencies, government employees, contractors and citizens
  • Set up secure and transparent interactions between government and citizens, government and businesses, and across government agencies
  • Comply with evolving government regulations and mandates by sharing edge-protection strategies across program boundaries
  • Automate communication among thousands of regulated entities by creating new multinational or multiagency ecosystems that use highly scalable and secure cloud-based, file-transfer solutions
  • Meet HSPD-12 requirements and allow identity federation by securing and scaling your PKI infrastructure
Secure, FHIR-enabled health solutions for better health outcomes
  • Get data-rich mobile experiences with FHIR-enabled, API-powered solutions
  • Connect health initiatives by governing data flow between devices, the cloud, and back-end systems
  • Overcome interoperability challenges by creating secure digital bridges across disparate systems
  • Securely transfer, monitor and manage health records, claims and benefits information
  • Adhere to FHIR standards and HIPAA privacy mandates for PHI and PII
  • Validate identities across the national healthcare ecosystem with accuracy


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