Top Ten Security Considerations for the Internet of Things

Join Gunnar Peterson and Mark O’Neill as they discuss the main gotchas associated with Internet of Things (IOT). The IOT is an industry mega-trend that holds the promise to open up new ways of doing business and communicating. The core difference between IOT and previous computing revolutions is that the human user is usually the catalyst, we go to our PC to do some work, we go to the Web to do some research or check mail. In the Internet of Things, the thing talks back!

Context matters in security and that goes double for IOT. The penetration of smart devices forecast for all areas of industry and society is huge. Join us as we look at some of the main issues that need to be considered if you are an architect charged with implementing or reviewing the IOT strategy for your organization. What you will learn:

  • Will the existing protocols stand up to protect the new attack surface spawned by IOT
  • What are the best practice approaches based on today’s technology today to protect IOT
  • How an efficient API management strategy is fundamental to securing flow of data between devices

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