Food Safety using Axway Track and Trace

In this webinar we will cover how Axway Track and Trace enables the secure retrieval, transfer and management of key product data to enable transparency in the consumer goods industry supply chain. Providing end-to-end visibility and product authentication services, Axway Track and Trace can reduce the scope of product recalls; aid in detecting counterfeiting, diversion and fraud; and help organizations comply with various food safety regulations.

Learn how Axway Track and Trace:

  • Securely captures, retrieves, transfers and manages key product and serialized event data.
  • Centrally manages serial number generation and allocation.
  • Easily integrates with third-party systems.

With this level of flexible and efficient business analytics sharing between trading partners along your extended collaborative supply chain, you can optimize all of your track and trace initiatives, including:

  • Serialization
  • Diversion detection
  • Global regulatory compliance
  • Anti Counterfeiting
  • Reduce Scope of product recall


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