SFD is a retail distributor of mobile telephony for SFR, the largest privately owned network operator in France.  With 305 stores nationwide, SFD operates the largest network of Espace SFR retail outlets in France. In order to improve efficiency and achieve fully automated retail sales operations, SFD put into action an innovative vision based on application and multi-site integration. Using Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT), SFD has automated retail operations and integrated its locations, resulting in improved productivity, better inventory stock levels, and a more reliable, stable and secure infrastructure. “Axway MFT really enhances employee and customer workflow functions throughout the store.  Since our sales associates have up-to-date pricing information, and the latest products and services to sell, they can concentrate on enhancing the customer experience and making sales,” said Nasser Badani, Deputy IT Director, SFD.

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