Delhaize Group is a Belgian international food retailer that maintains operations in six countries spanning three continents. At the close of 2009, Delhaize’s sales network consisted of 2,732 stores, which together posted €19.09 billion in revenue. Initially, Delhaize implemented Axway MFT to handle store-to-corporate and corporate-to-store communications for 50 stores in Romania, replacing a “home grown” file transfer tool. “We needed a solution that would give us full visibility into file transfers, and at the same time offer reliable managed file transfers. Axway MFT brings the reliability and visibility we need,” said Freiko Baeyens, Manager IT Operations, Delhaize, Belgium. Once Delhaize saw how well Axway MFT performed in Romania, the group was confident about rolling it out to larger and more complex markets, beginning with Belgium.

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