Clearstream (MFT)

 As an integral part of the Deutsche Börse Group, Clearstream offers settlement and custody services to more than 2,500 customers worldwide, covering over 150,000 domestic and internationally traded bonds and equities.  With customers ranging from the largest financial institutions in the world to smaller specialized companies, all with diverse levels of technology in place all around the world, a one-fits-all file transfer solution was not an option.  Clearstream evaluated several solutions, but ultimately decided to build this new service on Axway’s SecureTransport platform, an enterprise-class managed file transfer solution for moving critical business files, large documents, XML, and EDI transactions over the Internet and private IP networks.  Clearstream soon launched the CreationDirect via Internet service, which provides a data file transfer service to the customer’s desktop. Today, CreationDirect connects over 2,000 users in over 460 companies to Clearstream.

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