XML Acceleration

XML is a key technology used widely in enterprise APIs and open standards and its flexibility has made it ubiquitous in A2A, B2B, cloud and security integrations. XML also underpins the most popular standards such as SAML, XACML, WS-Policy, WS-Security and more. As SOA traffic volume, the number and variety of clients and the types of transactions increase, application and SOA infrastructures need to be able to scale to meet demand.

XML processing and security tasks (e.g. signing and encryption) can consume disproportionate amounts of application and database server resources in very inefficient ways. Axway API Gateway offloads CPU-intensive tasks from application servers and enterprise service buses (ESBs) to an ultra-efficient purpose-built engine. By freeing up the CPU cycles from existing application and SOA infrastructure, Axway provides scalability in a way that is more cost effective than simply adding more application and database servers.

Offloaded XML tasks include:

  • XML parsing
  • XML schema validation
  • Protocol translation
  • Message transformation
  • Signing
  • Encryption and decryption
  • Hardware security module (HSM) integration
  • SSL termination and operations

Purpose-built XML engine

Written in native code and delivering wire-speed performance without any proprietary hardware or add-on accelerator cards, Axway VXA Engine accelerates policy-driven processing of all common XML formats, including POX (Plain Old XML), SOAP, REST and AJAX.

Native code allows Axway API Gateway to optimize low-level processes to deliver the same high performance across all form factors, including software and appliance, on-premise and in the cloud. Independent third-party tests prove Axway API Gateway is 15 times faster than other software-based solutions and delivers greater wire-speed performance than rival hardware-based solutions.

More options to speed and scale XML acceleration

It is common to have simple look-up services that have relatively static responses, but are used in high frequency. Axway API Gateway can cache these responses to reduce the number of requests hitting back-end services.

Axway API Gateway can route requests to different servers to prevent a few slow services from degrading overall system-wide performance across all APIs and throttle traffic by service to manage loads and prioritize processing.

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