Start-to-Finish Enterprise Visibility into Every Business Interaction

In high-value business interactions, data needs to flow along many paths inside and outside the firewall, including internal applications, partner communities, people, and cloud and mobile applications. And in today's world, where organizations are highly interdependent, any disruption in the flow of this business-critical data can have a far-reaching ripple effect throughout the enterprise, from the IT director to the business process manager and all the way up to the CIO. And that's just inside the firewall - breakdown in the flow of data beyond the enterprise edge can cause disruption with every partner in your value chain, and damage trusted relationships.

By giving you the enterprise-level visibility you need to govern the flow of data in the context of your business processes, Axway 5 Suite can help you deliver the right information, in the right context, to the right people, at the right time.

Axway 5 Suite harnesses the power of Sentinel to provide visibility into data flows within and beyond your enterprise boundary at the time events are happening, so you can anticipate, identify and solve problems before they adversely impact your business in the form of missed SLAs, compliance penalties, and other costly consequences.

Using real-time dashboards with KPIs and data-flow analytics, your IT staff, your business managers, and your trading partners can monitor, track, analyze and manage data flows and in the context of business, functional and IT processes:

  • across domains and ecosystems
  • across partner communities
  • within your enterprise
  • in the cloud
  • for mobile devices and the Internet of Things
  • from person-to-person and person-to-system

End-to-end visibility helps optimize order-to-cash and supply chain processes, payments, store management, patient information management and general ledger population activities. A high-level, business-oriented view of your process events (such as shipments, orders, and delivery) with status indication at each process milestone improves responsiveness. And the ability to drill down to the finest technical detail to determine, for example, where an expected file is blocked or delayed speeds problem resolution.

Event-based monitoring and alerts empower different groups within your community to see what is relevant to them at all times. You can allow customers to track their own orders, suppliers to monitor fulfillment, IT to monitor exceptions, and line of business managers to measure performance against SLAs.

Real-time information helps community members work together to reconcile and resolve issues before they negatively impact business relationships.

Data flow analytics tools that log and track interactions and policy violations over time enable both IT and business managers to adaptively streamline automated processes and direct human resources where they're needed most. A correlation engine collects event data from Axway and non-Axway applications into a central database which allows users to monitor business and technical KPIs, setup alert notifications and rules to automatically trigger actions.

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