Automate Powerful Data Protection Capabilities Through Policy Management

Minimizing expensive paper trails and manual touch points requires policy management that effectively secures and controls information flow throughout your trading community. You can think of policies as electronic file folders that hold all the rules and details of a business process, and you can make them available to your extended enterprise – including customers, suppliers, and partners — on a "need to know" basis.

Axway solutions enable you to centrally define, manage, and enforce policies that govern the various interactions within your trading community. You can set universal policies that apply to your ecosystem as a whole, and specific policies that define how constituents and groups are allowed to interact with one another.

  • Delivery-based policies: Define policies that govern who can interact with whom, based on where they "live" in the ecosystem. These policies can apply to any kind of interaction between systems, groups, or individuals.
  • Content-based policies: Set policies that analyze the content of files and email messages (and their attachments) to protect against data loss, security breaches, and regulatory violations. You can automatically identify a wide range of sensitive information, including Social Security and credit card numbers, customer and personnel data, and intellectual property and trade secrets, and reduce the risk of data breach through powerful Data Loss Prevention capabilities.
  • Policy enforcement and actions: When a policy violation is detected, you can automatically take action, including blocking or quarantining the interaction or stripping an attachment from an email. You can return the message to the sender, notify a manager, redact information, or re-route the communication to a secure, encrypted channel for delivery.

Axway solutions also provide the real-time event monitoring, reporting, auditing, and analytics business and IT managers need to fast-track low-risk processes and highlight high-dollar, high-risk, or unusual transactions.

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