Consolidated Policy-Based IT Governance for Thriving Trading Communities

The most successful companies in the world invest in Business-to-Business (B2B), Integration, Managed File Transfer (MFT), and Email & Identity Security technologies for two business-critical reasons:

  • To enable online trading communities of buyers and sellers where interactions and data drive revenue, expand brand equity and competitive advantage, improve customer service, and reduce costs.
  • To improve the reliability, security, and service of their internal systems and processes.

These same companies also know that the success of their trading communities hinges not only on the underlying technologies that power them, but also on the ability to set and enforce global, consolidated policies that enable both business and IT users to see, analyze, and proactively manage all of the different types of interactions happening within them. They need to answer questions like:

  • Are we delivering orders on time and in full?
  • Have our partners met SLA’s for ASNs? Have we?
  • Have we achieved HIPPA compliance across all channels (including email, MFT, and B2B)?
  • What percentage of claims is being processed out of policy?
  • How do I know ad hoc file transfers do not include sensitive data?

Axway solutions not only provide the innovative technology foundation you need to establish, manage, expand, and enhance your online communities, but they also provide the pillars of IT governance you need to answer critical questions and make sure those communities thrive — no matter how much change comes your way.

  • Visibility: Gain the complete transparency and control necessary for effective automation, risk management, cost control, and regulatory compliance throughout your business interaction network.
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  • Community: Create, maintain, and grow an adaptive ecosystem for your business units, your partners, your suppliers, and your customers
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  • Policy: Protect and empower both business and IT users with enforceable governance policy that choreographs the interactions in your trading community and ensures robust Data Loss Prevention.
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