Execute a Secure and Scalable Mobile Backend as a Service Strategy with Axway API Gateway

Mobile computing has forever changed the way we work and play, and virtually every organization must now have a mobile strategy for reaching employees, customers and partners. Executing a mobile strategy can be a big hurdle for the enterprise, however, because mobile applications require lightweight REST/JSON style APIs and most Web Services and application APIs use heavyweight SOAP/XML standards.

Axway API Gateway can help organizations clear this hurdle by dynamically transforming SOAP/XML to REST/JSON on the fly, so you can quickly link your backend applications to mobile solutions in a standardized way via existing Web Services and application APIs.

Control the delivery of mobile APIs

Because mobile APIs are exposed to larger and more diverse populations of developers and applications, they come with higher levels of operational and security risks. Axway API Gateway provides the security, control and monitoring capabilities you need to ensure high availability and a positive user experience for your mobile APIs.

Using any available attributes about the application, device, user, company and network to enforce quotas and service levels, you can take control and operationalize delivery of mobile APIs. In addition, your technical staff can monitor, route, throttle, shape and audit mobile API traffic at coarse or granular levels.

Secure mobile access with extended enterprise identity management

Most medium-size and large organizations have or are implementing an enterprise identity and access management (IAM) platform to control user access to enterprise applications and enable single sign-on.

Existing IAM platforms, however, were not designed for the BYOD era, and come up short when handling the more complex task of controlling mobile access that spans multiple devices and domains that are inherently less secure than non-mobile devices and domains.

Axway API Gateway provides:

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with all leading identity management platforms such as CA, Entrust, IBM, Oracle and RSA.
  • Expanded IAM capabilities to handle new mobile requirements including device authentication, identity federation and contextual authorization.
  • OAuth and SAML-based integration with cloud identity provider services such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Scale to handle increasing mobile traffic

Mobile computing can increase application traffic significantly, so scalability is crucial to ensuring the smooth delivery of rich content and interactions driven by technologies such as 4G networks, voice response and retina display.

Axway API Gateway accelerates mobile API performance with wire-speed API delivery to any enterprise mobile platform with no upgrades to back-end application resources required.

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